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One of the many useful collaboration groups available to IUCEE member institutions is the OBE and Accreditation Collaboration Group.  This group has been active since January 2019 with monthly webinar meetings.  There are currently 15 members who regularly attend and contribute to the proceedings.

The general format followed for the monthly meetings is as follows.  First, any questions that are pre-submitted by members are discussed and answered.  This is followed by an in-depth discussion of one particular selected topic or tool.  Topics are suggested by members.  During this ‘deep dive’, all aspects of the topic are reviewed.  The discussion is led by Dr. Umakant P. Kulkarni, NBA Coordinator and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at SDM University, Dharwad.  Dr. Kulkarni has extensive experience in the field of accreditation in general and NBA accreditation in particular.  Just a few of the recent topics that were discussed at the monthly meetings are:

  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Gaps and Plans to Bridge Gaps
  • Project Evaluation using Rubrics
  • Self-Assessment report (SAR)
  • Preparing for NBA Audit
  • Rubrics Development – Validation of Pos and PSOs
  • Programme Articulation Matrix
  • and many more

The collaboration group is facilitated by Dilip Chemburkar who is a member of the Global Industrial Advisory Forum (GIAF) of IUCEE.  If your institute is interested in becoming a member of this group, which is free for IUCEE members, please contact us.  Hyperlinks to Dr. Kulkarni’s and Dilip Chemburkar’s email addresses are attached below.

Thank you!
Dr. Umakant P. Kulkarni
Dilip Chemburkar