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The work by our team in the past few months truly epitomizes what IUCEE means by a “Global Ecosystem for Improving the Quality of Engineering Education”.

IUCEE-EWB India Student Leadership Course was completed by 222 students from 25 IUCEE institutions in July 2020. Global team of experts (Dr. S.D. Rajan and Dr. Agami Reddy of Arizona State University, Dr. Raj Rajaram and Dr. Prakasam Tata of Chicago and Mr, Aditya Bhatnagar of Chandigarh) guided the students to do research in the fields of affordable housing, sustainable energy, clean water and education augmentation. Students learned to work in teams and made excellent presentations of their ideas for addressing the challenges in these areas. Several teams are already taking their ideas towards implementation in the advanced phase of the Course.

IUCEE Annual Leadership Summit 2020 was held virtually this year for obvious reasons.  The 273 participants included academic leaders from 54 IUCEE institutions along with 35 international experts. The focus was on the priorities established by the institutions through a “Voice of the Customer” process. Keynote presentation and panel discussions emphasized NIRF Ranking, Accreditation, Research, Industry Collaborations, Global Collaborations and Online Teaching. The deliberations will be the basis for future planning of IUCEE programs.

Other programs started recently include “Online Teaching” Course with 445 faculty participants, “Clean and Green Campus” Course with 130 students and a “Soft Skills” Course with 705 students.

Our popular IIEECP (IUCEE International Educator Certification program), led by Dr. Veena Kumar, has recently completed Phase 2 for another batch of 148 participants in Spring 2020.

Planning for a Virtual ICTIEE 2021 (International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education) has started with the leadership of Claire Komives of San Jose State University and Anil Pandit (Retired General Electric) and a Call for Papers has just been released.

Thanks to Sheetal Sohoni of Arizona State University and her team, we have a brand new website. I invite students, faculty and leaders from our institutions, our global experts and our friends from industry to contribute their IUCEE stories to this Blog platform. I hope to provide updates once a month.

Jai Ho !

Krishna Vedula
Executive Director, IUCEE
Dean Emeritus, UMass Lowell