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International Conference on Transformations
in Engineering Education ICTIEE

History and Vision

The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education in India.  We believe that this requires an ecosystem  which  will  foster  the  employability,  entrepreneurship  and leadership skills of engineering graduates.This ecosystem is created and nurtured through a wide range of programs with emphasis on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & engineering education research. 

Our Annual Conference (called the International Conference for Transformations in Engineering Education, ICTIEE) is held every year in order to facilitate the sharing and collaboration between the institutions, faculty and students associated with IUCEE. Another important objective  of the Annual Conference is to provide a forum for hearing from and building partnerships with international experts as well as industry experts.

The first Annual  Conference, ICTIEE 2014 was held at BVB College of Engineering and Technology (BVBCET), Hubli, Karnataka, and was, in fact, at the suggestion of the leadership of that institution. BVBCET (now KLE Technological University) faculty had been participating in IUCEE programs since its inception in 2008, in preparation for their transition to an autonomous institution. They expressed the need for a Conference to share the process by which they were able to build an ecosystem for transforming their institution.

Since then ICTIEE 2015 was held at BMS College of Engineering (Bangalore, KN) and  ICTIEE 2016 was held at College of Engineering Pune (Pune, MH). ICTIEE 2017 was held one after another at Vardhaman College of Engineering (Hyderabad, TS), RK University (Rajkot, GJ) and Manipal University Jaipur (Jaipur, RJ), ICTIEE 2018 was held one following the other at Bennett University (Gr. Noida, UP) and Thiagarajar College of Engineering (Madurai, TN). ICTIEE 2019 was also held one after the other at Malla Reddy Engineering College (Hyderabad, TS) and Chitkara University (Chandigarh).

Some details of the most recent Annual Conference illustrate the concept of the IUCEE ecosystem.

The Seventh Annual Conference

ICTIEE 2020, was held in January 2020 at Anurag Group of Institutions in Hyderabad, Telangana. Much has been accomplished by IUCEE during the past 7 annual conferences. 

 ICTIEE 2020 was held in conjunction with IUCEE Annual Student Forum (IASF 2020), The IUCEE community of engineering institutions experienced all dimensions of the IUCEE ecosystem.

Faculty from engineering colleges all over India will share their transformational experiments and best practices in 149 paper presentations in 18 sessions on Jan 7. Themes for the papers are Outcomes Based Education, Assessment and Evaluation, Curriculum Design and Development, Societal Impact, Game Based and Project Based Learning, Innovations in Teaching Learning Process and Entrepreneurship, Women in Policy and Decision Making and Outreach. Best Papers were recognized.

200 students from IUCEE Colleges worked in teams addressing societal problems using design thinking approach on Jan 5, 6 and 7. Best Action Plans prepared and presented by student teams were recognized.

70 teams of faculty and students shared their Project Based Learning experiences through community projects at the IUCEE-EPICS Expo and Poster sessions on January 6 and 7. Best Posters were recognized. Global experts shared a variety of their experiences in 13 keynote presentations including Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow, Building Clean and Green Campuses, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics education, Global Partnerships for Sustainability Education, Engineers Without Borders India, Teaching Entrepreneurship for Sustainability, Global Quality in Engineering Education, Engineering Education Research for Transforming Engineering Education and IUCEE International Engineering Educator Certification Program. 

Workshops on 10 different topics were offered to participating faculty on January 5. Workshop topics are highly relevant to transforming engineering education: ABET Accreditation, Developing Clean and Green Campuses, Improving STEAM Education, Building Teacher Excellence Corps, Outcomes Based Education, Effective Assessment for OBE, Project Based Learning, Engineering Education Research, Teaching Entrepreneurship for Sustainability, Research to Publication/PhD Thesis.

Members of the IUCEE Global Industrial Advisory Forum (GIAF) reported on the Collaborations between IUCEE institutions through Clusters on Teaching and Learning Centers, IIEECP Certification, Project Based Learning, Outcomes Based Education, Engineering Education Research, Entrepreneurship and First Year Engineering Education.

Sessions for Management and Academic Leadership of IUCEE institutions were held on Jan 7 along with the leadership of GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council). These leaders shared progress of quality initiatives in their institutions as well as planned collaborations for the coming year. A Thanksgiving Banquet was held on Jan 7 to recognize these leaders as well as the sponsors and international guests.

Individuals from IUCEE institutions who have been particularly effective in leading and catalyzing transformations were recognized with Certificates and Cash Awards at the Showcase of Transformation Awards on January 8. Categories of Awards were Leadership of Teaching and Learning Centers, Progress after IIEECP Certifications, Excellence in Community Based Projects, Overall Leadership of Institutions, Excellence in Engineering Education Research and Student Leadership.

50 faculty certified under IIEECP received additional recognition with the title of “International Engineering Educator ING.PAED.IGIP” by the President of IGIP along with Certificates.

Sponsor workshops were presented by Dassault Systemes, Mathworks, National Instruments and Comsol on January 6  and keynotes will be delivered by them on January 6, 7 and 8.

Two new strategic initiatives which were an outcome of the 2019 IUCEE Leadership Summit in Goa in July 2019 were launched. These are “Clean and Green Campus” and “STEAM Education”. Plans are being made with IUCEE institutions interested. In addition, we also found time for IUCEE Strategic Planning for the coming year. As part of this process, discussions were held for modifying IUCEE EPICS Partnership and making it more economical for institution

Program Coordinators: Dr. Claire Komives and Mr. Anil Pandit

Fees: Rs. 4,000 for Consortium members, Rs. 6,000 for non Consortium members

Program Co-ordinators

Dr. Claire Komives

Mr. Anil Pandit

ICTIEE Conference Proceedings