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IUCEE Leadership Summit – News Letter

-Article by Tanmay Bhosle and Sheeba Shaista

IUCEE (Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education) was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. IUCEE is one of the founder members of IFEES (International Federation for Engineering Education Societies), which was the primary facilitator for the growth and development of IUCEE.

Every year IUCEE organizes Leadership Summits and its Annual Student Form, likewise this year IUCEE is happy to announce its new Summit i.e., IUCEE Student Summit 2020.The Summit is designed to bring together the students of distinct background and culture who consider themselves responsible for environmental compliance and enforcement through engineering. It is an unprecedented gathering of Global Leaders & faculties with the Students in order for them to discuss, direct and explore available resources and dedicate it to environmental enforcement. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic IUCEE has organized it as a 3-Day Virtual Event. The Event majorly focuses on “Empowering skills and Enhancing Imagination”, which also appears to be the tagline of the event.

Objectives –

1.      Spread awareness about the 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals)

2.      To bring Environmental discipline among the participants.

3.      To assist develop the framework for identifying the global priorities & sustainable development.

4.      Participate in various Discussions, presentations and projects.

5.      To become a part of the IUCEE Student Chapter Family.

6.      Expanding the vision of IUCEE.

The Event directs to SDGs which provides a more focused direction on how to boost the quality of sustainability goals, position them as commitments, and better communicate them in a credible and meaningful manner.The Project Preposition refreshes the minds of the students and delineates on what their primary goal is and explain how you will achieve their goal with your project as well as Manage the Project. Posters allow plenty of time for intensive discussion of the research, tailored to the interests of the audience. The two-way conversation associated with Poster Presentation sessions affords opportunities for mutually beneficial conversation between presenter and audience.

Fundamentals of Internship let’s you learn about a career field from the inside and decide if this is the right career field for you. Another key takeaway from the event is the EWB Presentations which will majorly focus on Creating a new generation of Global Engineers as well as Collaborate on projects and studies worldwide.

The Committee which organized and managed this team consists of Students & students only. Great communication, better execution and the ultimate vision are the key factors of the committee. For elegant and convenient execution,  the Committee was divided into 3 Sections:

  • Student Chairs
  • Technical
  • Editorial
  • Social Media

  • Student Chairs – It is the responsibility of the Student Chairs to administer the work and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Mr. Syed Majeedullah and Mr. Shravan N are the Student Chairs for this event.  
  • Technical Team –  The Technical Team dedicates their time in Designing the Website, Posters, Flyers as well as creating Registration & feedback forms. Apart from this, the team also worked on designing the template for the Promo Video of the summit. The Technical Team is lead by Mr. Upendra Vallabhajosyula while the Designing Leader is Mr.Shaik Naushab Ahmed.
  • Editorial Team – Editorial Team dedicates their efforts in Writing and Reviewing Content for the other 2 teams. The Video, Poster and Website Transcripts are the works of the Editorial Team. Moreover, the team also focuses on content for the Invitation and Certificates and other tasks required by the committee. Mr. Tanmay Bhosale leads the Editorial Team.

Social Media Team – It is the task of the Social Media Team to manage the Social Media Accounts of the Committee for this event. The Team ensures that the Event advertisement is made up to its reach and on every social media platform. The Team is lead by Mr. CV Deepshith.