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“SCALE” is a student organization in partnership with “IUCEE”, running with the primary agenda of:
• Achieving a strong and potential student network, where students all over the country can collaborate and contribute towards engineering education and development, while carrying forward the ethos of the organisation.
• Conduct & implement valued student-oriented workshops.
• Establish a strong collaboration with industries, providing a sustainable support to the student community.
• Providing sustainable support to the student community with hands on technical support wherever needed.
VISION: To foster and establish students as means of transforming pedagogy and praxis of
engineering education.
MISSION: To improve engineering education, in tandem with academia and industry, through
empowering and fostering students as means of a positive change in local societies, imbued
with pragmatic efforts aimed at creating holistic value.


Workshops and Beyond

Throughout the year, the student community would be entertained with different forms of workshops and training sessions.
Regional Workshop:
• A three-day workshop organised at an institution, who wish to host a workshop for the nearby or regional students wherein one can participate and develop action plans from their ideas, thoughts and later implement the same in the community.
• The workshop would be taken under complete responsibility of the institution and our facilitators along with the core committee of the Student Chapter. The workshop is to be mentioned as a part of the SCALE & IUCEE jointly, with fees levied on every participant for the workshop to be undertaken.