IUCEE Annual
Student Forum

IUCEE Annual
Student Forum

IUCEE Annual
Student Forum

IUCEE Annual
Student Forum

Students From Various Colleges Are Expected to Immerse Themselves In 3 Day Long Intense Experiential Learning
projects to select from trending sectors of Mobility, Space, Climate, Education and Human Health.
Problem solving powered by Design Thinking tools
Mentors of diverse profile ranging from Automobile and Electronics industry, Sustainability, Social Sciences, Humanities and Entrepreneurs.
days is not the limit; IASF stimulates a learning process that transcends beyond.

IUCEE Annual Student Forum (IASF)

It is a unique platform for engineering students from different parts of the country to assemble and apply engineering and technology as tools to develop solutions to meet challenges of the real world. Each year undergraduate engineering students from members of the consortium assemble at the host institution to immerse in three days of experiential learning on matters of global relevance to sharpen their engineering skills. Over the years, IASF has evolved to match the changing demands of making our future engineers more resilient, agile and infused with a lifelong passion towards learning and problem solving. IASF distinguishes itself as the only event of its kind where a student gets transformed as change agents and torch bearers to create a rippling transformation to other students of their college.

IASF Programs

Interdisciplinary Discovery Bootcamp (IDB)
Interdisciplinary Design Thinking Bootcamp (DTB)
Engineering Excellence Skills Workshop

Student Chapter Project Exhibition

A first ever demonstration of student chapter projects. An engineer must learn engineering by doing. student projects are a way for students to augment their knowledge of science and technology using problem based learning tools on social and community challenges. IUCEE puts a strong emphasis on challenges to climate and unsdgs and teams are guided to build smart clean and green learning spaces in and around campuses by implementing student projects.

IASF 2024 Expected Outcomes

Team building & Problem solving skills
Social and emotional skills
Design Thinking skills
Analytical & Cognitive skills
Interdisciplinary integration on challenges derived from Mobility, Space, Climate, Health, and Education sectors
Self awareness and happiness & Financial literacy


Projects encompass more than just the stated; they extend beyond the mentioned aspects.

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