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This is part of IUCEE MISSION NEP 2020 for transforming how we teach first year engineering students as per the guidelines of the National Education Policy 2020


Here is a unique opportunity for students who are in second, third and fourth year of engineering. Remember when you were in your first year and taking courses which made very little sense to you and you wondered why you were having to mug up things without understanding their relevance !

This is your chance to help the next batch of first year engineering students really understand the concepts in their first year courses (physics, mathematics, chemistry, programming, graphics, workshop).

IUCEE is having a competition to collect real world examples relevant to each concept in these courses. You need to explain the concept with an example of a useful technology developed by humans. You need to prepare a 5 minute video for each concept. The video should also give history of discovery of this concept. You can ask faculty who teach upper class engineering courses to help you with this. Deadline for submitting videos is March 10.

Students who submit best examples for each concept in each course will receive Rs. 2,000 for each video submitted and will be awarded certificates as IUCEE Scholar Mentors.

You need to register for this competition before Thursday, Feb 18 at the link


Concepts covered in AICTE Model Curriculum are given at links below:

Manufacturing / Workshop