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Week of December 26, 2022

ICTIEE 2023: Pre-conference Webinar:
“IonEducation Academic ERP : OBE-LMS, NBA Readiness, EMS, DVS and more”
Wed, Dec 28 at 3 pm IST
Courses: Ongoing
·“Introduction to Climate Change and Sustainability” Lecture 4
Tue Dec 27 at 7:00 pm IST (300 participants from 20 institutions)
Monthly Meetings
·PBL Cluster Fri, Dec 30 at 8 pm
·IUCEE Network of Teaching and Learning Centers (INTLC)
Wed Dec 18 at 7 pm IST
(35 IUCEE Institutions share progress in Excellence in Teaching and Learning)
Upcoming Events
·ICTIEE January 5-8, 2023: https://ictiee.org/ictiee2023/
·IASF 2023, Jan 4-6, 2023: https://iasf2023.vvce.ac.in/