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Volunteer with Us – We welcome academia and industry professionals

IUCEE Foundation is a Sec 8 Non-profit organization which works with Engineering institutions across India promoting excellence in engineering education. We create unique platforms that bring together academicians, accomplished industry professionals and policy makers around the world. The eco-system enables enriching of knowledge and best practices in educational excellence. We focus on the practices and exposure to emerging technology areas in education. Our intervention programs touch faculty, students and the leadership of institutions. To know more about us, please schedule a call with one of us using Contact us.


What will I do as a volunteer?

Typical Volunteer Activities Description
Peer Review Student Projects IUCEE Student Chapters are coached on soft skills through project based learning. You will review practical utility of such projects and provide mentoring
Review of technical papers Peer review technical or education content related papers from students or faculty during annual events in the year
Mentors for student chapter participants Mentor students who conduct workshops or programs during the year. This activity could involve career counselling or consulting
Curriculum augmentation bring real-life problems for students in in your areas of expertise or create 1-credit mutually beneficial courses OR offer webinars and workshops
Support annual events See our events page – we have 3 major events during the year – one for each pillar – Faculty, Students and Leadership. Volunteer on these events
Support student internships Support student internships at your workplace. We will jointly define the working model
Join us and discuss Very keen, but not clear yet ? Let’s chat – Contact us