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The IUCEE Virtual Academy, started in 2010, uses technology to enable Engineering Education experts to conduct live Webinars and MiniCourses on-line to faculty and students all over India.

The objective of the Virtual Academy is for experts around the world to offer insights into how to improve engineering education, using technology. Technology has its limitations compared with face-to-face workshops, but has the advantage that delivery is at much lower cost and can reach multiple users at different locations simultaneously.

More than 600 webinars on teaching, research and general education topics have been conducted. Each webinar is typically attended by an average of 30 participants across India. Participants interact quite well by asking questions through the chat feature, with the help of the IUCEE facilitator.

Several mini-courses have also been conducted on-line on various topics including Outcomes Based Education.Typically 2 or 3 one-hour webinars are conducted every week on Tue, Wed or Thu at 3:30 pm IST, in order to suit the convenience of engineering faculty and students in India. 

During 2019-20, several special webinar series have been conducted. The IFEES-GEDC-IUCEE Webinar Series is a reflection of the unique global partnership between IUCEE and IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies) as well GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council). The UML Global Entrepreneurship Series is a result of the special relationship between IUCEE and University of Massachusetts Lowell. The Mathworks Webinar Series is a means to showcase the value of the partnership between IUCEE and Mathworks, which is a Platinum Sponsor of IUCEE.

Another special series of webinars in 2019 showcased the best practices of several successful IUCEE Consortium Institutions.

We are inviting anyone interested in offering a webinar to email Prof.  Krishna Vedula along with a short bio of the presenter and an abstract of the proposed webinar. The webinar should be of relevance to engineering faculty or students in India. If the topic is considered appropriate, it will be scheduled and the speaker will be given a short practice session on GoTo Meeting in order to ensure that webinar goes smoothly when scheduled.

Webinars are open to all. Please email Prof. Krishna Vedula at Krishna_Vedula@uml.edu to be added to our mailing list.

Recordings of all the webinars are available to IUCEE Consortium members only.

Please email Virtual Academy Manager, Mr. Sridhar Nori at sridharn18@gmail.com for access to the YouTube recordings of the archived webinars

Consortium Co-ordinators

Mr. Sridhar Nori

Mr. Kantha Reddy

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