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Attendees: Krishna Vedula, Ravi Salagame, Anil Pandit, Deepak Waikar, Sampada Pachouri, Vasant Marathe, Ranji Vaidyanathan, Raju Dandu, Rio D’Souza, Dilip Chemburkar and Jayant Sathe

  • IUCEE Foundation Structure, work in progress: Sampada
    • Sampada shared the work she has done to date to define Student Vertcal that she leads.
    • Other leaders of other verticals will be sharing details of their verticals as they develop them.
    • IUCEE Mission NEP 2020 Initiative: Krishna
    • As of now we have 11 Institutions who have joined in this ‘Prototype’
    • Krishna meets with different groups each week to make sure work continues as planned.
    • Business Model Canvas:
    • Rio D’Souza had made input to the BMC. Ranji shared the modified Value Proposition.
    • We agreed that the VoC we will conduct soon will need to connect with this updated Value Proposition.
    • There was a lively discussion about Ranji’s proposed BMC. Ranji is planning to incorporate the inputs and send out the updated BMC to us. We will review that at the next meeting.
    • At the next meeting we will look at how MRCs can use this BMC as they work with their member Institutions.
    • Ranji and Vasant will also have a proposal for how we can use this finalized BMC for IUCEE Marketing effort.
    • NAAC audit:
    • Rio shared how his Institution’s association with IUCEE benefitted them to get a better grade in their NAAC audit. They received A+ grade. Congratulations to SJEC  for this high grade and to Rio for his leadership.
    • We need to figure out two things. 1. How can we use this information from Rio for IUCEE’s marketing material and 2. How can all MRCs use this information with their Institutions.
    • Preparation for next 12 months of events:
    • Krishna has sent an email seeking input for preparation of the VoC. Please respond to the email vis SurveyMonkey request.
    • Krishna is also asking if you are interested in volunteering to lead the development of the program for July Leadership Summit and ICTIEE 2022.

Next GIAF meeting will be on Saturday, 27 March 2021 at 6 pm IST.  

Recording of the meeting: https://youtu.be/GElbd6Z5pF4

Presentation: IUCEE’s Role in the NAAC Outcome