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IUCEE FOUNDATION has 17 highly active and 3 less active Student chapters. Student chapters are led by Student Officers guided by their able Faculty Advisors. The May month newsletter from each chapter is shared below and provides a quick peek into their activities and involvement.
Student chapters monthly meeting took place on 15th May Saturday at 7 PM and it was represented by 14 Student Chapters. The student teams are working on 3 big agenda namely
• National Student Council formation. The Master document was ready by 31st May. KLE TU and HITAM student teams worked guided by their respective Faculty Advisors Dr. Sujata and Dr Santosh in close coordination with IUCEE to prepare an official document of purpose and principals of the NSC
• Student Chapter Leader board: a team of student volunteers have come together to create a Student Chapter Leader Board Concept to promote active participation and growth among chapters
• Student Development Web updates: 2 Students Nikhil and Sai Ram are working to re-structure the Student Development Webpage for IUCEE Foundation
• Existing Student Chapters were issued Certificates by IUCEE Foundation

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