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Article by Sampada Pachaury

References: Kumon UK & Times of India blogs

Plan & Develop a Schedule

Establish an effective study routine by making a timetable. Allocate time to your all courses depending on how much time you need to spend on a specific course. For instance, subjects like Mathematics require more time for practice.

Proper scheduling will help you achieve your daily goals of preparation and you will also get time to relax, eat and exercise. Bear in mind that scheduling will be effective if you have set daily goals. The goals should not be easily achievable or hard to achieve.

Take Your Family Onboard

There might be someone in your family, with whom you feel comfortable in share your pressure. You can ask for their help. Your sister might be good at mathematics, or your brother in English. Your mother can be a physics wizard.

Yes, they might be busy but you can jot down the concepts or areas where you need conceptual clarity. They would definitely help you to understand few concepts.

Ask Your Peers or Fellow Friends for Group Studies

Take help from your peers and fellow friends. Group studies are effective as they will help you learn the course material in a deeper, more concrete way.

You can plan ahead what topic to study and then can gather over a video call to discuss the areas you are facing issues in. This activity will help you a lot in studying with a relaxed mind. You will feel better knowing that your friends are also on the same topic as you.

Those who are not comfortable in studying alone, or need a face 2 face time for conceptual clarity. They can call their friends over and create a study place on the terrace/balcony ensuring social distancing.

Avoid Distractions
Don`t spend much time on social media or playing games as you would only be wasting time and will be stressed later on. You can play as many games as you want but after your exams.

Say No to family and friends for things they want you to be engaged in at your study time. Tell them clearly that this specific time is for your studies only.

Put a, “Do Not Disturb” sign on your room or study door.

Find a revision spot
Finding a place to revise is so important for prolonging concentration. Make sure you find somewhere that is comfortable, with a good sized table to spread out all of your books. Find somewhere that is the right temperature, with good lighting and where you aren’t going to be disturbed. Make sure your friends and/or family know that when you are in your revision spot, you aren’t to be disturbed.

Get a good night’s sleep
Making sure you are well rested is extremely important during exams. Whilst you may feel the need to cram the night before, you will be far more alert and able to recall information after a restful sleep to recharge the batteries.

Learn to turn a blind eye
When you know you have to sit still and concentrate on one task for an extended period it is easy to find reasons to be distracted. Be aware of all the things you might hear or that might distract you and learn to turn a blind eye. If you have a younger sibling going to slam the door or the TV is going to start up so you don’t need to react to it. Be prepared for movement around you and don’t look at it.Allow downtime
As important as it is to maintain focus, it is also important to allow time to rest and relax. If you have an exam finishing at 4pm, and then another exam at 9am the next day, don’t try and go straight back to study. You won’t be able to do it. Give yourself an hour or two to do something else. A quick game board game or engaging in a constructive activity with your siblings or family or helping out in a house chore will help to refresh you physically and mentally.

Keep your blood flowing
If you are sat at a desk for an extended period of time, gravity will cause blood to pool in the lower half of your body and will not push as much oxygen to your brain, where it helps improve concentration. Make sure you take regular breaks to stand up and walk around to up your blood flow and rejuvenate your focus.