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Collaboration Groups

Genesis of Collaboration Groups

During the leadership Summit in Goa in July 2018, a representative of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) gave a Keynote address, highlighting the introduction of the Indian automobile manufacturers forming quality circles in the 1980s; this, in turn, helped the Indian automobile manufacturers learn from each other thereby achieving world class quality for all in the automobile industry products.  They did this after overcoming concerns about losing the competitive edge.

IUCEE tried to impress that thought/concept of ‘all learned from each other and everyone benefitted’ on the minds of the Institution Leaders present. The Leaders agreed. We got a list of issues each organization was facing from the leaders present to initiate the experimentation process. We grouped them by subject matter and formed teams led by one or more IUCEE members.

The vision was to learn from each other, not to look at other Institutions as competitors and help each other grow.


Seven collaboration groups were formed, and they are being facilitated by IUCEE members with varied experiences in the academic and business fields:

  • Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) facilitated by Jayant Sathe (sathe.jayant@gmail.com), Rio D’Souza (riod@sjec.ac.in) and Claire Komives (claire.komives@sjsu.edu)
  • Outcomes Based Education & Accreditation (OBE) facilitated by Dilip Chemburkar (dilipchemburkar@icloud.com)
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) facilitated by Raviprakash Salagame (ravirs@yahoo.com) visit https://pbliucee.wixsite.com/home for more details
  • Educator Certification Program (IIEECP) facilitated by Anil Pandit (anil.pandit1949@gmail.com) and Veena Kumar (certification15@gmail.com)
  • First Year Engineering (FYE) facilitated by Nishtha Chouhan (nishchouhan@gmail.com) and Dr. Sujata Wadhwa (sujatawadhwa1402@gmail.com)
  • Engineering Education Research (EER) facilitated by Prathiba Nagabhushan (prathibanag2017@gmail.com) and Sohum Sohoni (sohum.iucee@gmail.com)
  • Entrepreneurship (ENT) facilitated by Ranji Vaidyanathan (vaidyan@okstate.edu) and Shalini Gopalkrishnan
Norming and Performing

The Collaboration groups meet every month to discuss various topics pertaining to their particular cluster.  Institutions are recognizing and reaping the benefits of their learning from other Institutions in the process and feeling proud of being able to help other institutions. This sharing of best practices is one of the main objectives of each collaboration group and an important value-add to the members. Collaboration group membership is on the rise.  The collaboration groups membership is open to all consortium members. Please contact the collaboration groups Leader to get information about a particular collaboration group or to join any collaboration groups teams that you would like to participate in.

Future Plans for Continuous Improvement

Collaboration groups facilitators meet quarterly with each other and IUCEE leadership to share the successes and challenges of their clusters.  This is with the objective of continuously improving the functioning of the clusters and the benefits they offer to consortium members.  This also helps with best practices sharing.  Some of the practices that are in various stages of implementation are:

  • Inviting expert guest speakers to address topics of interest.
  • Weblogs (blogs) for each cluster with links to IUCEE website – iucee.org where informational articles and discussions will be posted. These blogs will be available to all consortium members.
  • Flexibility to respond to members’ changing needs.