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Marwadi University proudly takes part in IUCEE International Engineering Educators Certification Program (IIEECP), a flagship program of IUCEE that addresses methodology to bring innovation in engineering education with an aim to certify all engineering educators through this program. Upon IIEECP Certification by IUCEE, it has immensely helped in understanding and implementing various Teaching-Learning Techniques and thus enhancing Engineering Education at our Institute.

I am delighted to share that I have successfully completed the IIEECP certification, where-in the teaching philosophies discussed during the program influenced and helped in forming my own teaching and learning philosophies, and made me more empathetic towards student issues.  

I firmly believe engineering education must provide with three attributes: vis-à-vis; the Knowledge of good Science, the skill associated with good science and finally the attitude to pursue and finish the task or assignment for expected outcomes.

Prof. R B Jadeja
Dean – Faculty of Engineering
Marwadi University