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In 2015, IUCEE with assistance of IGIP(International Society for Engineering Education), Austria has started certifying engineering faculty, IIEECP

The objective of the Certification is to provide engineering educators with the skills and tools to be effective teachers.

This program addresses a critical need for rigorous training in the skills of effective teaching for the large number of faculty in the engineering colleges in India. IUCEE is inspired by the Effective Teaching workshops offered by Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent of the USA as well as the Teacher Certification Course of IGIP (International Society for Engineering Pedagogy) Austria, IUCEE has designed a certification program.

The IIEECP Program is offered in three Phases:


This is a three‐day hands‐on face‐to‐face workshop by global experts in engineering education. It enables the participants to begin to comprehend the principles of learner‐centered teaching; to design or redesign a course and its elements, emphasizing learning outcomes; to develop different teaching and active learning strategies for implementation of these elements; to design formative and summative assessment tools and rubrics for outcomes assessment.


This component is delivered completely on‐line over a period of 12 weeks and consists of 6 modules. An e‐ platform is used for delivering course content along with assignments and discussions. This asynchronous format is supplemented by synchronous on‐line meetings of all participants and concerned faculty, once a week. The participants attend this phase while teaching at least one course and complete their practicum by implementing strategies learned in their respective classes, recording outcomes and preparing a personal teaching portfolio.
1. The Teaching-Learning Process
2. Fundamentals of Course Design
3. Creating a Dynamic Classroom
4. Collaborative Learning
5. Harnessing the Power of Technology
6. Effective Assessment


Participants who have completed Phase I and II preparing a Teaching Portfolio, including a one‐year plan of action for teaching/research and professional development, and make a Presentation based on their Teaching Portfolio in front of their peers.

IIEECP Certification Program has been offered since 2014 as follows:

Course ID Type Duration # Certified
NAT SP 15 National (first pilot) Aug 2014 ‐ May 2015 35
NAT SP 16 National (second pilot) Aug 2015 ‐ May 2016 29
INST SP 16 (VCE) Vardhaman CE, TS Dec 2015 ‐ May 2016 36
NAT FA 16 National July 2016 – Jan 2017 50
INST SP 17 (SREC) SR Engineering College, TS Dec 2016 ‐ Aug 2017 31*
INST SP 17 (SEC) Sphoorthy EC, TS Dec 2016 ‐ Aug 2017 34*
INST SP 17 (SVCET) SV College of E&T, AP Dec 2016 ‐ Aug 2017 29*
NAT SP 17 (sec 1) National Jan 2017 ‐ Aug 2017 43*
NAT SP 17 (sec 1) National Jan 2017 ‐ Aug 2017 40*
NAT FA 17 National July 2017 – Jan 2018 35*

Since 2014 already 200 faculty have been certified from all over India and another 210 faculty are expected to complete by January 2018.

Faculty who have been certified have provided positive feedback regarding the impact of IIEECP Certification on their teaching.

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Fees for IIEECP

  • The first pilot was offered free with support from Microsoft India
  • The second pilot was partially supported by Microsoft India and fees from participants
  • Subsequent offerings have been sustained by participant fees alone
  • The fees charged for each of these Phases are (effective Jan 2018):
    Phase I: Rs. 4,900 for IUCEE Consortium members; Rs. 5,900 for non members
    Phase II: Rs. 9,000 for IUCEE Consortium members; Rs. 11,000 for non members
    Phase III: Rs. 4,900 for IUCEE Consortium members; Rs. 5,900 for non members

Award of title of “Ing.Paed.IGIP” to IIEECP Certified Faculty

IUCEE has concluded an agreement with IGIP (International Society for Engineering Pedagogy: http://www.igip.org/index.php) about providing IGIP Certification to those who have completed IIEECP Certification.

Graduates who have completed Phase III of IIEECP (IUCEE International Engineering Educators Certification) Program, will be eligible for the “Ing.Paed.IGIP” title added to their qualification, if they have a paper accepted for publication in Journal for Engineering Education Transformations (JEET: http://www.journaleet.org/index.php/jeet/index). This can be submitted either through ICTIEE (International Conference on Transformations) or submitted directly to the Journal. In addition, a fee of 50 EUR will need to be paid IGIP, in order to receive this title “Ing.Paed.IGIP” at ICTIEE 2018 in January 2018: http://ictiee.org/ictiee2018/


Dr. Veena Kumar

University of Maryland
University College, USA

Dr. Krishna Vedula

Professor and Dean Emeritus
University of Massachusetts
Lowell, USA

Dr. S. D. Rajan

Arizona State University

Dr. Claire Komives

San Jose State University

Dr. Archana Mantri

Pro Vice Chancellor
Chitkara University

Dr. Stephanie Farrell

Rowan University

Dr. Neeraj Buch

Professor and Assoc Dean
Michigan State University

Dr.Prathiba Nagabhushan

Australian Catholic University

Dr. Sohum Sohoni

Associate Professor
Arizona State University

Dr. Anil Kulkarni

Penn State University

Dr.Sivakumar Krishnan

Education Specialist

Mr. Tom Iwinski

E-Learning Specialist
Penn State University