IUCEE E-Newsletter October 2018: : A Better World through Better Engineering Education

/IUCEE E-Newsletter October 2018: : A Better World through Better Engineering Education
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IUCEE E-Newsletter September 2018
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As of October2018, JEET ranked#14
in Google Scholar Metrics

Message from Co-Editor in Chief of JEET

Hi Everyone,
I am pleased to report that the journal of Engineering Education Transformations (JEET) has risen to #14 in Google Scholar Metrics for engineering education outlets worldwide, up from #19 last year. We are confident that we can make it to the top 10 by 2020, and are always on the lookout for good papers.
Dr. Sohum Sohoni
Associate Director, IUCEE

Featured Articles

Colleges of the Month

SR Engineering College, Warangal-Telangana
Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar
Log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya
          – Majhrooh Sultanpuri (Bollywood Lyricist)
The couplet’s English translation:
“I started all alone towards the goal/(but)
people kept joining and it began to turn into a caravan.”
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Marwadi University, Rajkot-Gujarat
Indo Universal Collaboration of Engineering Education (IUCEE) started in 2008 with the mission and vision of changing the way engineering education is perceived in India.
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In the Spotlight

SCALE: Student Consortium for Advancement and learning in Engineering Education
SCALE India is happy to announce its flagship event in India, the Annual Student Conference (ASC) in January 2019. With this year’s theme set as Transforming Communities: Empowering Lives.The event would be held along with ICTIEE in Hyderabad from 4thto 6thJanuary 2019, with a ton of new things happening, more excitement and lot more to learn. IUCEE would be an effective partner in organizing the entire event. We invite all the engineering students in India to be a part of this amazing event
Registrations would open on 1stNovember 2018, on SCALE’s website and all social media platforms.
SCALE would also be introducing its Global Advisory Boardand announcing the student and faculty members under it.
Silicon Valley IUCEE Chapter Meeting
Organized by Claire Komives and Alok Garg, and hosted by AGK Karunakaran and his wife Shanti, the Silicon Valley chapter met in October during the Frontiers in Education conference held in October. The 23 people in attendance were united by the common goal of contributing to the improvement of education in India. A number of attendees are already active in helping various non-profits in the pre-K to high school space, while some have worked with engineering colleges in India. Various possibilities were brainstormed at the meeting to increase awareness, engagement and creative fundraising for IUCEE. Overall, the event was very successful, and attendees are already getting involved by delivering webinars for IUCEE. This is a great start to what is expected to be a long-lasting partnership.

News in Brief

  • The SCALE Facilitation team conducted 18 successful workshops throughout India from July to October, under is Regional Workshop banner and AP Consortium banner. With an approximate participation of 2500+ students. For more information and updates please check SCALE’s website
  • SCALE would be introducing its Chapter Awards in the ASC for 3 categories (Technical, Non-Technical and Social). Select student chapters in India would be awarded for their exemplary work and efforts. Select facilitators would be awarded for their utmost efforts and work done in conducting the workshops.
  • 30 IUCEE institutions have started collaborating in the form of Clusters on various topics for transforming engineering education, as a follow up to the IUCEE Leadership Summit held in July 2018 in Goa.
  • IUCEE-APSSDC courses on Teaching and Learning (Outcomes Based Education, Project Management, Engineering Education Research and Virtual/ Remote Labs) are in progress.
  • IUCEE-APSSDC Courses on Emerging Technologies such as Machine Learning and Internet of Things are being finalized.
  • Several leaders of IUCEE Consortium will be participating in the World Engineering Education Forum/ Global Engineering Deans Council (WEEF 2019/GEDC 2019) being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from November 12-16, 2018.
  • Several leaders of SCALE will be participating in the Global Student Forum GSF 2018 to be held along with WEEF 2018 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from November 12-16, 2018.