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E-newsletter May-June 2020
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Message from Editor
Hope you all are well and safe! I would like to invite all of you to share your thoughts on topics relevant to Engineering field or education. Please feel free to share links of articles or videos that you liked. In this edition, we have articles written by two guest authors, and one article from associate director of IUCEE. The ideas and views shared in the opinion pieces are solely the author’s views. For submitting links for articles or original pieces please feel free to contact me at sheetalsohoni@gmail.com!
Opinion Pieces
Out of the Box Thinking During Covid-19
Entire globe is reeling under the shock of Corona virus. Several nations are feeling the pinch of the deadly virus through impact on the health of its citizens and decline in the economies. India is no exception. Given the size of the country and diversity of the population, it is certainly a herculean task to educate the population about the virus, mitigate its risk, creating alternative arrangements to ensure flow of necessary items to the citizens, and making sure that everyone has access to best possible medical treatment.
Integrating Dharmic Values in our Careers
Indians have followed Santana Dharma for several millennia, and this Dharma consists of Ethical and Moral Values which never change, hence, the name Sanatana. With the emphasis on competition and focus on grades in our schools and colleges, these values seem to be dimming. I want to stress how I found these values when I was growing up in India, and how these values have served me in my 50 years in the United States. These values have helped me become successful in the United States, and live a peaceful, fulfilled and happy life. By practicing these values on a daily basis, one can lead a happy life while contributing to society in all stages of their life
Teaching Online is Fundamentally the Same as Teaching‭ ‬ In-person
As teaching worldwide moved to the online modality, several professors and schoolteachers found themselves in a completely new environment. We struggled with technical issues and adopted new tools for teaching online, as did our students. In many cases, especially in the US, grading changed to pass-fail instead of the regular grading scheme, and several students who were struggling with these huge changes reported that this grading scheme further demotivated them from putting in their best effort.
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10th, 11th, and 12th July 2020
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