IUCEE E-Newsletter – February – March 2019: A Better World through Better Engineering Education

/IUCEE E-Newsletter – February – March 2019: A Better World through Better Engineering Education
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IUCEE E-Newsletter January 2019
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Message from EER (Engineering Education Research) Faculty

A 12-month intensive and hands-on Engineering Education Research Course is to take off in March 2019. It is a unique course which is a blend of modules on research procedures and writing conventions, running in parallel, with a realistic goal of producing a draft research paper by the participants at the end of the course. It is first of its kind, initiated by IUCEE to create an awareness of a quality research paper in line with scientific research methods. The faculty is enthusiastic
and excited about lessons to be imparted and learnt during the course!
Dr. Prathiba Nagabhusan
Faculty EER

Featured Article: IUCEE Initiative of the Month

Global Industry Advisory Forum (GIAF)
Global Industry Advisory Forum(GIAF), aninitiative of IUCEE which began with a small group of Industry Teaching Fellows (ITF), gained momentum during the Second IUCEE Leadership Summit at Goa in July 2018.
The conference attended by 106 leaders of 40 IUCEE Consortium Institutions along with 18 global experts and 13 industry leaders focused on adopting Industry Practices of evolving effective Transformations
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News in Brief


SCALE Facilitator Recruitment
SCALE a student organization, partner of IUCEE has begun its recruitment for selecting young and enthusiastic facilitators for the year 2019-20. The recruitment would be held for engineering students who are currently in their curriculum from 1st to 3rd year irrespective of their stream of engineering.
Interested students would have to fill an application form and submit it to SCALE for a further round of interviews. Documentation, description and the form can be downloaded from bit.ly/scale_ftp19
The last date to submit the application is 24th March 2019. The selected candidates will also undergo a training session both in person and online from the SCALE National Team.
Be a part of the leading Engineering Education Student Organization in India and get to facilitate for Regional, National & International workshops.
For any queries or requests please contact Scale facilitators


The Sixth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2019)
ICTIEEwas held on Jan 7,8 at Malla Reddy Engineering College (MREC) in Hyderabad and on Jan 10, 11 at Chitkara University, Chandigarh. A total of 1200 delegates attended, 230 papers were presented and 40 international experts participated in keynotes and panel sessions.


GSF 2019 (Global Student Forum)
GSFwill be held at VIT Chennai between Nov 10 to 13, 2019, prior to WEEF 2019. 150 students from around the world are expected to work on the Grand Challenges facing the world. SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development) is working with SCALE in the planning and implementation of GSF 2019. More information will soon be available at the SCALE website

SCALE (Student Consortium for Advancement of Learning Engineering)
SCALEconducted its Annual Student Conference on Jan 4 to 7, 2019 at CMR College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, prior to ICTIEE 2019. 160 students from all over India participated in leadership development activities.

WEEF (World Engineering Education Forum)-2019
WEEF the annual conference of IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies) will be hosted at Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai from Nov 13 to 16. More than 1000 delegates are expected to participate from around the world. Papers will be presented and Keynotes talks delivered on the theme of “Disruptions in Engineering Education for a Sustainable World”. Call for Papers and other details are at http://weef2019.org/.
Grand Challenges Scholar Program (GCSP)
GCSP workshop was conducted by Dr. B. Ramakrishna of US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and Dr. Lueny Morell of InnovaHiEd on Jan 5 and 6 in Hyderabad prior to ICTIEE 2019. For more details please visit NAE Grand Challenges
Around 20 IUCEE colleges are now planning to submit proposals for starting the program at their institutions.

March 2019

This 12-month course started on
March 1, 2019
For more information please contact