IUCEE E-Newsletter – April-May 2019 : A Better World through Better Engineering Education

/IUCEE E-Newsletter – April-May 2019 : A Better World through Better Engineering Education
IUCEE E-Newsletter – April-May 2019 : A Better World through Better Engineering Education 2019-06-27T09:45:35+00:00
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Message from Executive Director

I am delighted to share with you, this IUCEE Newsletter for April-May 2019. Many of our programs have reached a point where we can see significant outcomes.
Please continue to share and collaborate.
Jai Ho !
Krishna Vedula

In the Spotlight

Dr. Bill Oakes
Individual Contributor: Dr. Williams Oakes
“It makes sense to seek protection by reinventing ourselves before someone else decides we are dispensable”
According to an article published in The Financial Times Limited, Masters in Management series, one should plan for five careers in a lifetime. According to the author, work is impermanent-reinvention is rational.Dr. William (Bill) Oakes always believed in reinventing and keeping up with the ever-changing world.
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Featured Article: IUCEE Initiative of the Month

IUCEE Leadership Summit
IUCEE came in existence in 2007 with the sole purpose of bringing about change in the engineering education ecosystem in India. There are two approaches of implementing changes: top-down and bottom-up. IUCEE has designed many initiatives that would help and support progress, growth, and development of all involved stakeholders, starting with a bottom-up approach, training faculty at the grassroots level. As IUCEE’s initiatives matured, a clear need emerged for supplementing the bottom-up approach with a top-down strategy.
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News in Brief

IEECP (IUCEE International Engineering Educators Certification Program)
IIEECP has reached a milestone of having certified 525 faculty all over India. Several Phase 1 workshops will be offered in July and August, 2019. Institutions interested in hosting may email Dr. Krishna Vedula
WEEF 2019 (World Engineering Education Forum)
WEEF 2019 organized by IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies) is being hosted by VIT Chennai at Chennai on November
13-16, 2019.  For more details please visit WEEF’s website . Deadline for submission of Paper Abstracts is June 30, 2019.
JEET (Journal of Engineering Education Transformations)
JEET will be soon publishing April 2019 issue. Please contact Dr. Sohum Sohoni, Co-Chief Editor, if you would like to be a reviewer. Please go to the JEET website for information regarding submission of papers and subscription.
GSF 2019 (Global Student Forum)
G will be held in conjunction with WEEF 2019 at Chennai from Nov 13-16, 2019. SCALE (Student Consortium for Advancement of Learning Engineering) and IUCEE are collaborating in planning the details. In preparation for GSF, a Student Leadership Course is being offered to selected students from IUCEE Colleges.
Regional Research Symposium on Project Based Learning
IUCEE is collaborating with KLE Technological University and Aalborg University for the Regional Research Symposium on PBL at Hubli from Nov 22-23, 2019, featuring workshops. For more details on calls for papers and other details please visit our website

Upcoming Events

June 2019 – ASEE Conference, 15-19 June 2019, Tampa, Florida, for more details please visit ASEE.org

July 2019 – An Official ABET Workshop, July 11th 2019, Dr. Winston Erevelles, (Adjunct Accreditation Director) Register at survey monkey

July 2019 – The Third IUCEE Leadership Summit, July 11-13 2019, Goa, for more detail please visit IUCEE.org