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Certification in Outcomes Based Education

Webinar Schedule:
Sept 27 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Oct 4 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Oct 11 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Oct 25 (Thu) at 4:30 pm IST
Nov 1 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Nov 8 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Nov 15 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Nov 22 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Nov 29 (Thu) at 4:30pm IST
Dec 6 (Thu) at 4:30 pm IST

• Overview OBE, Necessity for adaptation, Concepts of OBE
• Elements of OBE
• Graduate Attributes & The program outcomes of NBA.
• Bringing clarity to the POs in institutional and program context
• Curriculum mapping : Writing Course Outcomes; Course Articulation Matrix; Considering taxonomies, Program articulation matrix; CO- PO mapping
• Designing activities for effective attainment of COs and POs
• Program Assessment: Introduction, Philosophy, Holistic Approach
• Program Assessment, Program Assessment Cycle. Approach, Interpretation
• Continuous Improvement: Interpretation of assessment at course and program levels . Using interpretation for continuous improvement.
• Pedagogy: Each module follows the sequence described
• Release of reading materials, activities and assignments for the module to participants one week before the commencement of respective module
• Module coverage by owner of the module – webinar session(s)
• Activities – Participants to do the designed activities
• Review of activities
• Module Assessment

Use of Software IonCudos : Each participant will get an instance of IonCudos Software as program owner for practice and doing assignment.


Project Management

  • PM Foundations: Define a project, project management, and the role of the project manager.
  • Program management and portfolio management
  • Project sponsorship and the project office
  • Project organizational structures
  • Understanding the PM context
  • Project life cycle: sample life cycles, along with traditional vs. agile
  • Project management processes
  • Project initiation: creating a charter and identifying stakeholders
  • Project planning: creating a scope statement; building a WBS; identifying resources, and building a project budget; basic scheduling, networks, and critical path; and creating a PM plan along with key subsidiary plans
  • Project execution: problem solving and decision making
  • Project monitoring and controlling: managing changes to scope, cost, and schedule; understanding team dynamics and managing resources effectively
  • Project closing: gaining customer acceptance and documenting lessons learned
  • Global issues in PM
  • Introduction to the importance of people-oriented skills, such as communications management, human resources, and leadership
  • Product-based planning: PM documents that need to be produced at each stage in the process (artifacts of project control)

Engineering Education Research

The IUCEE Engineering Education Research course is aimed at introducing faculty to essential elements of conducting research in engineering education, with a focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning. The course is expected to have 6 live webinars and at least 3 assignments supported by online discussions on Canvas. At the end of the course, participants will be able to frame appropriate research questions, select and justify the selection of experimental methods that are appropriate for the research questions and apply appropriate analyses (qualitative or quantitative). A poll will be conducted in the first webinar to select 2 out of 4 other potential topics.