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Title Speaker Institute Link
IFEES Global Webinar Series: “Peace Engineering” Ramiro Jordan University of New Mexico, USA https://youtu.be/v94kpeXZ2AU
IFEES Global Webinar: Transforming Engineering Education for a Sustainable World: The IUCEE experiment Krishna Vedula UMass Lowell, USA https://youtu.be/_Y_iY58nS3Q
IFEES Global Webinar: “”A New Engineering Education for a New Era” Uriel Rubén Cukierman Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN), Argentina https://youtu.be/4yn2qyFX1X8
IFEES Global Webinar: “Cooperative Problem-Based Learning” Khairiyah Mohd Yusof Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia https://youtu.be/MuXVGl-oSR0
IFEES Webinar: “”Globalizing STEM Learning: Preparing STEM Professionals” Michael Milligan ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.), USA https://youtu.be/_CSttnUqKgQ
IFEES Webinar: “Research-based strategies for creating inclusive classrooms” Stephanie Farrell Rowan University, USA https://youtu.be/-w_QQeuP73o
IFEES Spanish Webinar 1  
IFEES Webinar: “Preparing Engineers to Address Grand Challenges” B. Ramakrishna National Academy of Engineering; Washington, DC, USA https://youtu.be/XoacRY6aHV0
IFEES Webinar: “Game-changer: women recognising tech-based degrees” Lisa Looney Dublin City University, Ireland https://youtu.be/NaDFX5KKwmo
IFEES Webinar: “Closing the Gap Between Engineering Education and Field” Sirin Tekinay Engineering at Sabancı University, Turkey https://youtu.be/P2hgUMVNNWo
IFEES Webinar: “Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Education Research” Bill Williams Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal https://youtu.be/_xUPuye3Cjs
IFEES Webinar: “Making Engineering Appealing to the Next Generation” Norman L. Fortenberry ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education), USA https://youtu.be/vBK8tpwRAl0
IFEES Webinar: ‘The Personal Challenge and Emergent Opportunities for Engineers and their Educators” Elsie Miao Humanity, Inc. and Creator of SoulBranding℠ New York, USA https://youtu.be/vsN6afdrvSA
IFEES Webinar: “The Simulation-Driven Design Process by Altair” Matthias GÖLKE Altair, USA https://youtu.be/YCsQ-EtHBJo
IFEES Spanish Webinar 2 ““Mujer en Ingeniería”  
IFEES Global Webinar: ‘Engineering and UN Sustainable Development Goals” James Trevelyan CEO, Close Comfort, Australia https://youtu.be/6GxSC2h7RkY
IFEES Webinar”Affective Education and New Technologies starting from  Music Therapy to Engineering Education” Doru Ursutiu University of Brasov , Romania https://youtu.be/eomAGCAG4WI
IFEES Spanish Webinar 3 ““Aprendizaje Inverso en Educación Superior ¿merece la pena?”  
IFEES Webinar Peace Innovation: Ways to Imagine Engineering and Technology to Build Scalable Peace Margarita Quihuis Stanford University, USA https://youtu.be/qdYQyu_u1Us
IFEES Webinar: “Global Engineering for a Small Planet” Bernard Amadei University of Colorado at Boulder, USA https://youtu.be/aJCFffzKMas
IFEES Global Webinar “Mapping Social Space A shared, modular, global research agenda for Peace Engineering” Mark Nelson Peace Innovation Lab, USA https://youtu.be/AtPl7oQoR6E
IFEES Global Webinar “CIOs and IT Executive Leadership: From Engineering Education to Innovations in ICT and Technology” J.P. Auffret George Mason University, USA https://youtu.be/CqLA6F-QWxA
IFEES Global Webinar “The Challenge of Assessing Teamwork and Group Projects” Alaa Ashmawy American University in Dubai, UAE https://youtu.be/BRXy_dBSJmo
IFEES Global Webinar “Helping New Engineering Faculty Members get their Careers off to a Good Start” Rebecca Brent, Richard M. Felder Education Designs, Inc.; North Carolina State University, USA
Cary, North Carolina; North Carolina State University