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In 2016, the iGLOBE (IUCEE Gurukuls for Learning and Outcomes Based Education) program was started with the objective of facilitating institutional transformations at IUCEE Consortium member institutions.

Institutional transformation requires active participation of all stake holders, particularly those who are responsible for financial and academic decisions.Students, parents, employers and alumni also need to be engaged. Most of the IUCEE programs have been successful in motivating some individual faculty. However, many of these faculty have faced difficulties in implementing changes in their institutions because of lack of engagement by institutional leaders and other faculty. The Gurukul program attempts to address this problem.

One of the IUCEE Consortium institutions, BVB College of Engineering and Technology (now KLE Technological University), Hubbali, KN has shown the way for institutional transformation with active institutional leadership. They have a created a Center for Engineering Education Research (CEER) which leads and coordinates institutional transformation. An annual Faculty Conclave is the keyevent, which brings all faculty and institutional leaders together for this purpose. IUCEE organized a Gurukul Summit on 28, 29 July 2016 at KLETU, Hubbali in order for teams from Consortium institutions to learn from the experiences of KLETU and plan for their own Gurukuls.

Common GURUKUL Themes/Issues summarized at the Gurukul Summit

  1. Building Engineering Education Research Culture
  2. Developing Institutional Strategic Plan
  3. Building collaborations with Industry/external experts/institutions (for faculty and students)
  4. Adopting Outcomes Based Education (OBE)
  5. Innovating Curriculum (Content, Delivery, Assessment)
  6. Preparing faculty leaders for future
  7. Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Social Engagement
  8. Attaining autonomous status
  9. Updating Infrastructure

Gurukuls are now active at the following Consortium Institutions

GURUKUL Institution Location State
Atharva College of Engineering Mumbai MH
Atmiya Group of Institutions Rajkot GJ
Er.Perumal Manimekalai College of Engineering Hosur TN
Gujarat Technical University Ahmedabad GJ
Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management Hyderabad TS
K.G. Reddy College of Engineering and Technology Hyderabad TS
K.L. University Vijayawada AP
KLE Technological University Hubli KN
Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore TN
M.L.R. Institute of Technology Hyderabad TS
Manipal University Jaipur RJ
MIT Academy of Engineering Pune MH
P.V.P. Institute of Technology Sangli MH
R.K. University Rajkot GJ
Rajarambapu Inst of Tech Islampur MH
Sanjay Ghodawat Kolhapur MH
Sethu Institute of Technology Kariapatti TN
Siddiganga Inst of Tech Tumkur KN
SR Engineering College Warangal TS
Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai TN
V.J. Institute of Technology Hyderabad TS
Vardhaman College of Engineering Hyderabad TS
Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology Visakhapatnam AP
Walchand College of Engineering Sangli MH

Several of these Gurukuls have conducted and planned Faculty Conclaves during 2016‐17.

Please contact Krishna Vedula at for details on this program.