//Webinars by IUCEE Sponsor Mathworks on Thu April 11 and Thu April 18

Webinars by IUCEE Sponsor Mathworks on Thu April 11 and Thu April 18

Webinar 1
Title:Teaching engineering problem solving methods using low-cost hardware with MATLAB and Simulink
Date: Thu, 11th Apr 2019
Time: 3:30PM IST
This webinar will introduce you to how low-cost hardware platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi may be used in conjunction with MATLAB and Simulink to teach Engineering courses within departments like Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, Instrumentation and Controls, Mechanical, and Automobile engineering. Here students/faculty members will be learning programming, developing algorithms, understand signal processing, image processing, controls system, and mechatronics related concepts.
By end of this webinar you will be learn how to:
  1. Integrate simulation and hardware to deploy and test real-time algorithms for controls and signal processing applications.
  2. Use Simulink to build Android applications using device’s processor, sensors to deploy algorithms like controls, image and audio processing and without having to write any code.
This will help in enriching the current curriculum and also demonstrate how it will impact students’ learning process..
Webinar 2
Title: Classroom ready projects with the New MATLAB and Simulink based Arduino Engineering Kit
Date: Thu 18 Apr 2019
Time:3:00 PM IST
Would you like to add engaging, interactive projects to your engineering classroom without intimidating students? Do you want to introduce concepts such as system modeling, controls, robotics, and image processing?
This webinar will discuss how the Arduino Engineering Kit provides a turnkey solution that can be integrated into your engineering classroom. The kit includes an Arduino MKR1000, custom designed shields, and all the other components necessary for building projects.