//Two IUCEE Webinars this week of Mar 25

Two IUCEE Webinars this week of Mar 25

ICTIEE 2019 Paper Webinar: “Enhancing Project Development Skills With Engineering Exploration “
Mar 26, 2019 3:30 PM IST
In this paper, the ideation and methodology of Engineering Exploration for BE first year has been designed for the enhancement of their technical and project approach skills of engineering students. This course has been shaped with the collaborative inputs of different engineering disciplines. The theoretical and practical teaching learning skills on behalf of faculty and students has been discussed along with its final outputs. The paper contributes to the merging of three skills namely platform based learning, mechanism, engineering design to inculcate the qualitative as well as the quantitative knowledge amongst the students.
Jasdev Bhatti
Chitkara University
ICTIEE 2018 Paper Webinar: “Planning Flexible Learner- Centered Curricula in Engineering and Technology”
Mar 28, 2019 10:30 AM IST
India has opened its economy to foreign direct investment. Hence, MNCs started locating new manufacturing plants in various states based on the availability of resources, infrastructure and human resources. Based on the best performance of the technicians and engineers, these MNCs started establishing research and design units in India. Initially, due to the fast growth of IT industries, best engineering students from all branches were absorbed by these IT companies. Now the second wave has come for the best graduates in biotechnology, electrical, electronics, textiles, mechanical, telecommunication and agricultural engineering branches. Based on the current trends, the engineering universities have to adopt suitable models for planning the curricula. Based on the research works done in the industry-relevant undergraduate programs, the following models show promise than the conventional models in curriculum planning: Global Industrial Context- Excellent Product-Best Transformation Process- Needed Input and Constant Feedback from the stack holders (GIC- EP- BTP-NI- CF) at every stage of development. This development process undertakes the use of 3ak prescriptions of ABET. The graduates could be given needed courses to meet their career needs like specialization in product design, manufacturing and maintenance. The industrial training is also incorporated into the curriculum. The PEOs are based on the industrial needs and the course outcomes are also meet the needs of the industries. The views of the representatives of the industry and the alumni have to be incorporated from the beginning. The faculty may need additional training on the current industrial process. Adjunct faculty members from the industry have to be employed. This practice would enable the graduates to become industry ready. The graduates who plan research works can be accommodated without any difficulty. Also, the Industry-Institute- Partnership becomes more reality.
Thanikachalam Vedhathiri,
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research