//Two IUCEE Webinars this week of June 24

Two IUCEE Webinars this week of June 24

UMass Lowell Global Entrepreneurship Webinar 4: “Case Study: Student Idea Contest, an Integral Part of Entrepreneurship Education & Ecosystem”
Tue, June 25 at 6:30 pm IST (1 pm GMT, 9 am EDT)
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This webinar examines methods and materials used to develop and deploy a student entrepreneurship program across campus. DifferenceMaker® is a campus-wide program that engages students of all majors and disciplines in creative problem-solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Since inception in 2012, over 30,000 students have participated in DifferenceMaker activities and programs. These activities include freshman orientation, college-based competitions, the $50,000 Idea Challenge, a Mentor Program, Boot Camp, and more. These activities will be discussed in detail. Additionally, participants in this webinar will learn about the DifferenceMaker process, method, and team successes, as well as examine the impact the program has on a campus. Lastly, the webinar will showcase best practices for deploying DifferenceMaker on any campus
Holly Butler, Entrepreneurial Initiatives Project Director, DifferenceMaker®, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Ha Pho, Entrepreneurial Initiatives Project Manager, DifferenceMaker®, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Virtual Academy: “Everything you wanted to know about supply chain research but were afraid to ask!!”
Jun 26, 2019 at 3:30 PM IST 
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Logistics and distribution difficulties are important and challenging problems faced by all world economies. They become even more challenging when the infrastructure is unreliable or not fully developed. The application of logistic and supply chain models can ensure timely solutions to these problems. This webinar is an introduction to a workshop which will focus on leading edge areas of industrial engineering to jumpstart both curricular reform and research methodology.
August 5-10, 2019: ;Indo-US Science and Technology Forum Bilateral Workshop/Symposia/Training Program at Jammu and Kashmir
Dr. Tapas Das, Professor & Department Chair, School of Engineering, University of South Florida
Dr. Sunderesh S. Heragu, Professor & Department Chair, School of Industrial Engineering, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Bopaya Bidanda, Ernest Roth Professor & Department Chair, Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Bhaskar Bhandarkar, Director General, Institution for Innovation, Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship .India