//Second IUCEE Mathworks Webinar July 15

Second IUCEE Mathworks Webinar July 15

Virtual Academy: Title: Teaching statistics and visualization using MATLAB
Mon, July 15, 2019
Engineers and researchers face a variety of challenges when analyzing data. In this webinar, you will learn how to use Statistics allows making predictions, inferences, and discoveries. MATLAB is widely used in academia and industries for performing statistical calculations and for its robust visualization tools. Data processing and presenting are the two most crucial objectives you will understand.
In this webinar, we show examples of how MATLAB can be used for performing basic statistical calculations and visualization capabilities.
Any science or engineering background
Speaker details: Dr. Souvick Chatterjee
Souvick Chatterjee is currently an Educational Technical Evangelist at MathWorks India Pvt. Ltd. Souvick completed B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University, after which he joined a M.S.-PhD program between Jadavpur University and Virginia Tech. He is recipient of Best PhD Thesis Award and Young Scientist Award from International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Prior to joining MathWorks, he has worked in University of Illinois at Chicago as postdoctoral associate and as Commercialization strategist for academic innovations at EnterpriseWorks, Chicago. He has co-authored 16 journal articles, 2 book chapters and is co-inventor of 2 US patents. In his current role in MathWorks, he is advocating computational thinking and model-based product-oriented interdisciplinary approach in research and education partnering with universities across the country.