//IUCEE Webinars Sept 11, 13

IUCEE Webinars Sept 11, 13

Virtual Academy: “Document Processing using Artificial Intelligence”
Tue, Sep 11, 2018 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM IST
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In many industries such as Legal, Finance and Insurance, a lot of process workflows are driven by documents. The volume of the documents handled in these industries are large, and extracting, processing, and validating the contents of these documents take up a lot of time, effort and cost. Ensuring accuracy and consistency, while validating the contents of these documents across various information storage systems becomes a real concern from a strategic, regulatory compliance and audit perspective. 
One of the key promises of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to reduce the manual labour in document processing and improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the process in addition to bringing in both strategic and fiduciary benefits. This session will showcase various use-cases from different industries, which apply AI techniques for document processing workflows. 
Shanti Subramanyam is the Founder and CEO of Orzota, Inc., USA. Shanti has decades of experience in building distributed applications and scalable systems having worked in companies such as Box, Yahoo! and Sun Microsystems before founding Orzota. She is a technical leader and consultant, architecting Big Data solutions for large enterprises. 
APICTIEE 2018 Webinar: “Industry_Institution_Society:A Fraternization”
Thu, Sep 13, 2018 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM IST
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This paper illustrates a fraternization approach between the industry and the institution to meet the needs of the society and betterment of the human life with technology support. It requires an interface between Industry and Institution, Students playing key role by participating in the R & D or training programs conducted at the institution by the industry personnel to meet the standards of the industry. This paper different ways of collaboration of the industry and the institute to generate more skilled Students, Professionals, Scientists and Entrepreneurs. Our paper emphasizes the collaboration in terms of support from the industries to share their resources in the form of environment exposure, industry practices, and intellectual property to the faculty, and students from the institutions through the use of the current virtual technologies. 
Dr. D.Haritha, N.L.S.Sindhura, M.Rithvik 
SRK Institute of Technology,