//IUCEE Webinars Oct 9, 10

IUCEE Webinars Oct 9, 10

APICTIEE 2018 Webinar: “Role of Feedback Committee over Curriculum Design “
Oct 9, 2018 3:30 PM IST 
The real challenge of education society is produce creative engineers to work about big challenges of the world. The academics play a vital role to impart those innovative skills among students. The curriculum design process is a crucial task in academics. As part of academics while curriculum development there is a need to take the feedback from various stakeholders like academic experts, students, parents, academic peer, alumni and industry. As part of this paper I concentrate on the role of feedback taken from that committee. By analyzing the inputs get from feedback committee we get the real needs of the society. That means we are identifying the objective. After as part of curriculum design the objective description, implementation plan, evolution plan and outcomes will be specified clearly. The main goal of curriculum design is to translate the objectives into specific plans and actions.
Kavitha M. 
KL University , Vijayawada
APICTIEE 2018 Webinar: “Role Based Performance Framework for Effective Monitoring Of Institutional Progress “
Oct 10, 2018 3:30 PM IST 
Vision, Mission and hence the strategic plan are the key drivers for the success stories of any organization. All statutory bodies like AICTE. NBA and Universities insist upon the Vision of the organization in all their review and accreditation process. However, these driving parameters have remained on paper or hanging on a wall with nice decorative frame or just used for reverse engineering process during most of the Institutional audit. Authors of this paper present a framework to measure performance of an organization based on contribution done by each employee towards the goal set through vision and mission statements. This also allows each employee to identify their comfort zone to exercise their expertize to work in appropriate combination of various roles like a teacher, a researcher and an administrator 
Umakanth Kulkarni 
SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad
Global Industrial Advisory Forum (GIAF) Webinar: “Ranji Vaidyanathan, Oklahoma State University”
Oct 10, 2018 4:30 PM IST 
In this presentation, Ranji will talk about his background and interests in student entrepreneurship, some of his current and past projects that have turned into commercial products and how student entrepreneurship is one of the most satisfying aspects of his current career.
Ranji Vaidyanathan is professor of materials science and engineering in the school of materials science and engineering at Oklahoma State University, with several years of entrepreneurial and product development in the composites and additive manufacturing areas. He is focused on assisting student entrepreneurship and venture creation. Previously, he was at Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR) in Tucson, AZ, where he managed over 50 small business innovative research (SBIR/STTR) projects. He has twenty-two patents, over 40 peer-reviewed papers, and over seventy conference papers. At ACR, he won an R&D 100 Award for the development of a water-soluble tooling material for fabricating polymer composite materials marketed as Aquacore™ and Aquapour™. While working at ACR, he developed 4 different products from the concept stage to the commercial stage, including water-soluble tooling materials that are commercially sold to Airbus, Eurocopter, Boeing and Lockheed. At Oklahoma State University, he works with several Oklahoma small businesses and student start-ups. Currently, he is working with his 7th student start-up company, assisting them with technical as well as strategic issues in taking their products to the market. The previous student start-up MITO Material Solutions won 2nd place at the prestigious Rice Business Plan competition and has successfully scaled up their product to take it to the market, after winning a $225,000 National Science Foundation grant and $500,000 in investment.