//IUCEE Webinars Nov 27, 28

IUCEE Webinars Nov 27, 28

Virtual Academy: Remote Lab system for Analog Electronic Circuits – Session 3 
Nov 27, 2018 3:30 PM IST 
Engineering education is all about “Do Engineering” rather than read and write. But in the conventional engineering education, most of courses are theory based and few laboratory courses students are unable to visualize the concepts. In Electronics engineering course “Do Engineering” is even more essential as most of the courses deal with circuits. The circuit concepts can be better conveyed by faculty and understood by doing experiments along with theory classes. Unfortunately, in the conventional engineering education, in most of the time there is no synchronization between the two. This is due to infrastructure limitations and time constraints. In the present laboratory courses, students get limited time to conduct experiments, they will be satisfied if they get output, students won’t think of various analysis that can be performed on the same circuit. 
As a solution to this, we have developed Remote Lab system using National Instruments product Analog Discovery to conduct Analog Electronic Circuits. Using which user can conduct experiments remotely. Using this remote lab system, 25+ experiments with 120+ variations can be conducted. This remote lab is designed in such that user feel like as though it’s being conducted in lab. Many analysis like, time response, Bode plots and spectrum can be performed. 
In this webinar series, we Demonstrate how to use Remote Lab system developed at Department of Telecommunication Engineering, SIT, Tumakuru. It’s recommend that webinar participants to have installed with Team viewer 12 so that Experiments can be contacted remotely during webinar itself. 
PROFESSOR, Dept of Telecommunication Engineering 
SIT, Tumakuru, Karnataka. 
Virtual Academy: Curriculum Design, Delivery & Assessment in accordance with OBE-Session 1 
Nov 28, 2018 3:30 PM IST 
I strongly believe that the Quality of Education Cannot be Better than the Quality of Teachers. 
Since 2014, National Board of Accreditation becoming an authorised signatory, outcome based education (OBE) has become a buzzword across all technical institutions/universities in India enabling all the Institutions to explore new innovative approaches in curriculum design, teaching pedagogies and assessment patterns. Though there are many predominating advantages with the philosophy of Outcome Based Education (OBE), due to a long standing existing system, quite a number of challenges are yet to be addressed in the context of curriculum design, delivery and assessments which are be addressed on top priority to implement OBE in the way it is expected. In this webinar, i am sure that the participants will understand in a better way the philosophy of OBE in the true sense, curriculum design, formulation of Program Outcomes, Program Educational Objectives, Course, Course Outcomes, Course Contents as well as mapping. 
Raja Murugadoss J. 
Vice Principal, 
GMR Institute of Technology 
Rajam, AP