//IUCEE Webinars Mar 11

IUCEE Webinars Mar 11

ICTIEE 2019 Paper Webinar: “An Integrated Pedagogical Approach for Effective Teaching of Research Methodology Course at UG level”
Mar 12, 2019 3:30 PM IST 
Research Methodology is a systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study. The objective of the course is to give an insight into the elements of research methods. In-order to address the challenge, of heterogeneity of the course contents, the present study with an integrated approach of various in-class activities were practiced. The exercise resulted in addressing different graduate attributes with learning.
Dr. Shivalingsarj Vijaykumar Desai 
KLE Technological University
Hubbali, Karnataka, India
ICTIEE 2019 Paper Webinar: “A critique analysis on growth and effect of Alternative Digital Credential”
Mar 14, 2019 3:30 PM IST 
HEI is facing eminent potential at horizon transforming the means and method as how the education is delivered and learning is credited. The main agent for these change is online learning and transfer of credit for valued employment. This paper tries to look at the answer to these question by raising the query locally and getting the response. It tries to get the answer as for how fast it is growing, is educational institution is able to adapt to this change by incorporating necessary credit to the transcript, are students ready to pay extra for this, is it noticed by the potential employer as essential skill acquired, and HEI is in the right direction? The paper compares all this with global trend and proposes to build the line of action. It seems that as the students are increasingly getting hooked on social media, it bound to get reflected in there public profile enhancing the perception of stated skill. The true reflection of this will be seen over a period of time if it solves more problem then getting created in society. There is no doubt that it is building a social association which could never be thought to be formed and getting commented. This aggregation of data is building new knowledge colonies for all of us. The most detrimental factor in all these is the cult of evaluation of fake credential generating factory for left with a hope that wisdom will prevail even above truth.
Dr. Ajitkumar N Shukla 
PSIT, Kanpur, India