//IUCEE Webinars Dec 11

IUCEE Webinars Dec 11

Virtual Academy: “Institutionalise OBE (NBA) Culture using IonCUDOS® Platform”
Dec 11, 2018 3:30 PM IST 
Though the institutions are well aware about the OBE philosophy, they have experienced the challenges of manual practices in OBE /NBA processes
IonIdea’s IonCUDOS® OBE NBA Platform (www.ioncudos.com) is highly thankful to IUCEE, which has helped us to connect with several domain experts in India and overseas. Today, more than 80 Institutions in India and Malaysia are using IonCUDOS OBE Solution for automating their OBE journey and for the accreditation. IonCUDOS not only helps the Institutions (Tier 1 and Tier 2, UG/PG/Polytech/Pharmacy/Architecture/Graduate programs) in their NBA accreditation but also helps them in their continual improvement journey, even though already accredited. Recent NAAC guidelines have also significantly emphasized on OBE, which has made IonCUDOS more relevant to non-engineering and non-technical programs as well. 
IonCUDOS helps to achieve:
  • Uniform OBE NBA practices across all the programs – Simple to use, Consistent processes
  • Involving people to establish curricula – Clarity in the role and achieve consensus among the faculty
  • Minimizing data key-in and documentation effort by faculty and save their time for pedagogical improvements and innovation
  • Standardizing calculation of attainments for consistent SARs / SSRs
  • Continuous Monitoring of outcomes and Identifying the areas for improvements through analytical reports for class and individual performance
  • Generating Reports & Graphs from historical data – across the batches and across the academic year
  • Conducting Surveys aligned with outcomes – Quantitative and Qualitative information for improvements
  • Generating key inputs to SAR as per the latest formats and guidelines, in a timely manner
This webinar focuses on the latest improvements, features in IonCUDOS OBE NBA Platform. It gives an introduction to the content that will be covered more in detail during the sponsors’ workshop at ICTIEE 2019 in Hyderabad and Chandigarh