//IUCEE Virtual Academy Webinars April 9, 10

IUCEE Virtual Academy Webinars April 9, 10

ICTIEE 2019 Paper Webinar: “STEM Education as a Career for Engineering Graduates”
Tue, Apr 9, 2019 3:30 PM IST
There is a huge opportunity of the tune of 300K jobs in the area of STEM education. Engineering graduates are well suited for this role provided they have the interest and passion to teach children and do in depth research. The study shows that engineers can indeed be valuable in this field , and that a mentoring program for such interested students can be developed by Universities to develop and test attitudes and interests Keywords – STEM, Education, Mentors
Aditya R Bhatnagar
Drona Edutronics Pvt Ltd
ICTIEE 2019 Paper Webinar: “Design, development of Android application for teaching, learning with mobile computing devices “
Wed, Apr 10, 2019 3:30 PM IST
Mobile Technology enables educators to wind up more portable, synergistic and inventive. This paper depicts development of versatile classroom application called MyClassroom for higher education institutions. The mobile app includes development of an android app for teacher and students to keep students engaged and focused in the classroom. It is designed to give content creators and educators the ability to go paperless and centralize their eLearning materials in one cloud-based location.
Anjali Santosh Chachra
KJ Somaiya College of Engineering