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SCALE is a student organization in partnership with  IUCEE, running with the primary agenda of:

  • Achieving a strong and potential student network, where students all over the country can collaborate and contribute towards engineering education and development while carrying forward the ethos of the organisation.

  • Conduct & implement valued student-oriented workshops.

  • Establish a strong collaboration with industries, providing a sustainable support to the student community.

Partner with both established and potential industry collaborators, to work simultaneously with the students, providing them with hands-on technical and industrial support wherever needed.

What Does SCALE do?

  • Regional Workshops
  • Annual Conference along with IUCEE
  • In-House Institutional Workshops
  • Student Training

Journey till 2018

  • 8 Regional Workshops
  • Annual Conference alongside ICTIEE
  • 1000+ Student participants in 2017
  • 200+ Action Plans in one year

Contact Information

Rajat Sharma: rajat.iuceesc@gmail.com
Sanket Dhadke: sanket.iuceesc@gmail.com
Website: WWW.Scaleitup.net