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IUCEE Student Chapters facilitate regional and national conferences for promoting leadership and project based activities among students at Consortium institutions.

Students from IUCEE Consortium Institutions have been encouraged every year to participate in the Global Student Forums conducted in parallel with International Federation for Engineering Education Societies (IFEES).

During the past several years, students who attended the Global Student Forums have shown leadership and conducted Indian Student Forums (in parallel with the International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education organized annually by IUCEE). They have also organized and facilitated Regional Workshops and formed IUCEE Student chapters at individual IUCEE Consortium Institutions.

Roughly 20 workshops have been conducted, each year, by IUCEE student leaders all over India during 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Planning for 2017 is in progress under the banner of “Student Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education” (SCALE).

Please contact Rajat Sharma, President, SCALE, at rajat.iuceesc@gmail.com