//IUCEE session at the ASEE Annual Meeting 2017

IUCEE session at the ASEE Annual Meeting 2017

IUCEE holds a session at the American Society for Engineering Education’s Annual Conference and Expo every year with the title ASEE India Chapter meeting. The 2017 meeting was attended by approximately 25 participants. Sohum Sohoni, Associate Director of IUCEE, led the proceedings, assisted by M. Kantha Reddy, who serves as the Director of Operations for IUCEE in India, and Sheetal Sohoni, who serves as Marketing and Publicity consultant for IUCEE. After a round of brief introductions, the participants watched a 7-minute video that describes the various aspects of IUCEE. This was followed by a robust discussion session. The 2017 meeting was attended by some of the regular IUCEE supporters like Vinod Lohani, Neeraj Buch, Raju Dandu, and William Oaks, but also saw several new faculty and some students in attendance. Among the first-time attendees were Larry Richards and Atsushi Akera, who have been extremely active in the ASEE community. Ashok Agrawal, the Managing Director of Professional Services and Director of External Affairs for ASEE was present as well. ESM Suresh, representing India’s National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (NITTR) was also in attendance, and expressed strong interest in establishing ties between IUCEE and NITTR. Overall, much information was exchanged among participants, and the session’s goals of introducing IUCEE to the ASEE community and soliciting ideas for better interaction between IUCEE and ASEE were met. As a direct consequence of this session, ASEE will be serving as a Bronze sponsor at IUCEE’s International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, 2018.

Besides the ASEE India Chapter meeting, IUCEE was represented at the IFEES-GEDC reception by M. Kantha Reddy, Sohum Sohoni and Sheetal Sohoni. IUCEE was also mentioned as an ASEE partner organization at the main plenary session.