IUCEE-OBE Course Fall 2017 (Outcomes Based Education)

/IUCEE-OBE Course Fall 2017 (Outcomes Based Education)
IUCEE-OBE Course Fall 2017 (Outcomes Based Education) 2017-08-26T04:36:30+00:00
Dr. Ashok Shettar (VC), Dr. Gopal Joshi and Dr. Prakash Tewari,
KLE Tech University
Pioneers in implementing OBE: http://www.kletech.ac.in/
Rs. 4,900 for participants from IUCEE Consortium Institutions
Rs. 6,900 for participants from Non-IUCEE Consortium Institutions
Introductory Webinar on Sept 7 (Thu) at 4:30 pm IST)
Pre-Register ASAP in order to ensure a seat at
Deadline: August 31, 2017
Tentative Schedule (12 weekly webinars all at 4:30 pm IST)
Sept 21 (Thu), Sept 28 (Thu), Oct 5 (Thu),Oct 12 (Thu), Oct 19 (Thu), Oct 26(Thu), Nov 2(Thu), Nov 9 (Thu), Nov 16 (Thu), Nov 23 (Thu), Nov 30 (Thu), Dec 7 (Thu)
Overview OBE, Necessity for adaptation, Concepts of OBE
Elements of OBE
Graduate Attributes & The program outcomes of NBA.
Bringing clarity to the POs in institutional and program context
Curriculum mapping : Writing Course Outcomes; Course Articulation Matrix;
Considering taxonomies, Program articulation matrix; CO- PO mapping
Designing activities for effective attainment of COs and POs
Program Assessment: Introduction, Philosophy, Holistic Approach
Program Assessment, Program Assessment Cycle. Approach, Interpretation
Continuous Improvement: Interpretation of assessment at course and program levels . Using interpretation for continuous improvement.
Each module follows the sequence described
Release of reading materials, activities and assignments for the module to participants one week before the commencement of respective module
Module coverage by owner of the module – webinar session(s)
Activities – Participants to do the designed activities
Review of activities
Module Assessment
Use of Software IonCudos: Each participant will get an instance of IonCudos Software as program owner for practice and doing assignment.