The IUCEE-EPICS Partnership (Engineering Projects in Community Service) has been launched in partnership with Purdue University in 2016.

EPICS is an academic program in which teams of Purdue students partner with local not-for-profit community organizations to provide technology solutions. This is a long-term partnership, which allows for more significant projects that may take 2 or more semesters to complete. EPICS projects are intended to solve real problems, and are defined in consultation with project partners from not-for-profit community organizations.

Benefits of participating in EPICS

  • Gain design experience of real systems

  • Develop teamwork & communication skills

  • Gain project planning & leadership experience

  • Develop customer-awareness

  • Gain understanding of ethical, economic, & legal issues

  • Get involved in the community

  • Have something to talk about in interviews!

  • Make a difference!

Detailed Information about EPICS at Purdue University is available at

Six IUCEE Consortium Institutions are members of this IUCEE-EPICS partnership and are engaged with several community partners with the goal of providing engineering education with emphasis on design thinking and development of professional skills while assisting communities on real projects.

The most important aspect is that students working on EPICS projects develop important skills, which are transferrable to any other real world problems, making the engineering graduates much more “employable”.

IUCEE-EPICS Consortium Institutions pay additional membership fees.

IUCEE – EPICS Consortium Institutions

Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad, TS

Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, TS

SR Engineering College, Warangal, TS

Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad, TS

MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune, MH

BH Gardi College of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot, GJ

Prof. Bill Oakes of Purdue University, along with the IUCEE team, personally visits the IUCEE‐EPICS institutions several times a year. They also conduct weekly webinars for the college faculty and students. This includes a formal course in Design Thinking for faculty from these colleges, and mentoring for faculty and students working on EPICS projects. Participating faculty and students receive formal certificates from EPICS program at Purdue University upon satisfactory completion of projects.

For additional information, please contact Mr. M. Kantha Reddy, Director of IUCEE India Operations, Hyderabad, at