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Course Goals:

Participants will acquire and apply knowledge of salient features of scientific research such as, ethics of research, design of research, requirements of literature review, research question and methods, basic statistical analyses, reporting of and explaining the results and their implications, conventions and technicalities of academic writing.

  1. Participants will receive training and detailed feedback on academic writing, in-text citation and bibliography, summarizing literature and avoiding plagiarism.
  2. Participants will be able to distinguish between scholarly teaching, scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), and engineering education research (EER), and will be able to list appropriate outlets for SOTL and EER.
  3. Each participant will complete a first draft of a high-quality research paper in the area of engineering education research.
  4. Participants will gain expertise in reviewing papers in EER.
  5. Successful participants will be certified to establish engineering education research centers at their institutions and will be provided support from international experts for the same.


This 12-month course will start on March 1, 2019.

Teaching Team (2019):

Dr. Sohum Sohoni, Dr. Prathiba Nagabhushan and Dr. Veena Kumar; and Teaching Assistants. Other world-renowned engineering education researchers will lead specific webinars in their area of expertise. Expected participant to instructor ratio is 15:1, ensuring personalized attention and mentoring over the 1-year period.

Format of Interaction:

Two webinars will be offered every month to supplement robust online discussions and customized assessment. Time commitment from participants expected to be 4 hours per week. The course will be offered entirely online, with recordings of the webinars available to the participants. Thus, there will be no interference to the regular duties of the participants.

Benefits to participants:

Working with experienced experts to plan and conduct your research, gather data, and write your research paper will allow you to gain expertise while dramatically improving the chances of preparing a manuscript that will be positively reviewed in world-class outlets. The course is set up to facilitate collaboration, with the expectation that participants will collaborate on multiple studies in the future. Simply put, you will gain the skills and the network to go from writing reports on pedagogical innovations that are tried in the classroom, to writing papers that will be considered respectable and citable articles that will be useful to those who read them.

Benefits to institutions:

Conducting research in engineering education is one way to document and archive innovative work done at the institution in the area of transforming the engineering education ecosystem. Peer-reviewed archival publications that document transformations are widely considered the most prestigious and reliable documentation world-wide. They also help during the accreditation process. Institutions planning to establish Teaching Learning Centers, Engineering Education Research Centers, or taking other institution-wide initiatives will benefit tremendously from having well-trained faculty in house to help gauge the impact of such initiatives.

Benefits to IUCEE:

Measuring the impact that IUCEE has had on the Indian engineering education ecosystem is a difficult and multi-faceted prospect. By training Indian faculty to conduct robust studies with distinctive academic rigour, much progress can be made on gauging the impact. As more and more high-quality manuscripts from India make their way into world-renowned journals and conferences, people globally will start to notice the transformations going on in India.


Rs. 25,000 per participant from member institutions; Rs. 30,000 for non-members.

An introductory webinar is scheduled on Wednesday Feb 6 at 10:30 am IST

Webinar Recording:  https://youtu.be/WNyiyaBswsE