IUCEE E-Newsletter September 2018 : Women in Technology Special

/IUCEE E-Newsletter September 2018 : Women in Technology Special
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IUCEE E-Newsletter August 2018
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As of September 2018,there are
26 IUCEE-EPICS partner colleges

Message from Executive Director of IUCEE

During the past 10 years, IUCEE has been fortunate to be associated with several global women leaders in engineering education. We are pleased to showcase two to them in this news letter. We have many other women faculty, administrators and students who are providing their unique perspectives to transforming engineering education in India through various IUCEE programs. I wish to thank all of them. Dr. Krishna Vedula

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Dr.Sushma Kulkarni

Individual Contributor of the Month:
Dr. Sushma Kulkarni
“What you do, has far greater impact than what you say.” -Stephen Covey
Dr. Sushma Kulkarni believes in action, and has been one of the active members of an ever growing IUCEE
ecosystem. She is the Director of Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT), Maharashtra, India. Sushma joined RIT in October 1987 as a faculty, and has been part of the organization ever since. She rose through the ranks through her commitment, vision, and leadership qualities.
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In the Spotlight

Dr.Claire Komives

Dr. Claire Komives
For any organization to flourish and progress, it needs support and commitment from its members. One such committed member of the IUCEE team is Dr. Claire Komives. She is a global citizen in its true sense.
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Call for Papers ICTIEE 2019!

News in Brief

IUCEE-APSSDC Partnership has just started a series of Teaching and Learning courses on Outcomes Based Education, Project Management, Engineering Education Research and Remote Labs. More than 200 faculty and students from colleges all over AP state are participating.