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Message from founder of SV IUCEE Chapter
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Message from Founder of Silicon Valley IUCEE Chapter

The Silicon Valley IUCEE Chapter is gearing up for Sevathon on August 19th. Sevathon is a clearing house event for nonprofits that support a variety of causes, mostly in India. We have 25 registrants for IUCEE to run either the 5K or 10K race and we will host a booth to tell the participants about IUCEE’s programs in India. Alok Garg, HCL and Claire Komives have been working to recruit runners and prepare for the booth. In addition to Sevathon, we are organizing the Silicon Valley Webinar Series for IUCEE’s Virtual Academy. Our goal is to supply one webinar per week from the industry folks from Silicon Valley. As usual, these webinars are offered free for Consortium Member colleges in India. We hope to infuse the engineering curricula in India with many new applications of technologies so the students can stay abreast of the latest technological developments from Silicon Valley.

Dr. Claire Komives

Featured Articles


College of the Month:
Rajarambapu Institute of Technology

Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT), formerly known as College of Engineering Sakhrale is one of the oldest consortium member institutions of IUCEE. The college was started in 1983, and is located near Islampur, a small town in western Maharashtra.


Program of the Month:
Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Learning, unlearning and relearning is exemplified by 93-year-old Dr. N. V. Ratnalikar, the founding editor of what is now the Journal of Engineering Education Transformations (JEET). Prof. Ratnalikar was born and raised in Hyderabad in pre independence India. He studied engineering in Urdu, and even after decades of teaching engineering in English, he still remembers the Urdu terms for various phenomena like electromagnetic flux! This was his first experience with the ever-changing mode of education. In his own words: “One should become a learner, because there is an end to teaching, but no end to learning.”

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In the Spotlight

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AP ICTIEE Conference 2018
The Conference was inaugurated by Sri N. Lokesh, Honorable Minister for ITE&C, Andhra Pradesh State, who emphasized the need for engineering graduates to become job creators and not just job seekers.
Keynote lectures were given by Prof. Appa Rao Podile, U of Hyderabad, Dr. G. Padmanabham, ARCI and Prof. Sandeep Sancheti, SRM University.
The Conference was co-organized by IUCEE, APSSDC (AP State Skill Development Corporation and SRM AP at Amravati).More than 300 participants attended the APICTIEE 2018 (Andhra Pradesh International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education) at Amaravati, AP  on the campus of SRM University. 
182 Paper Abstracts presentedin the following topics: Application Oriented Teaching Styles, Education Management Ecosystem, Enhancing Educational Research, Grading/Evaluation System in Engineering Education, Improving Entrepreneurship Skills of Engineering Students, Institution-Industry-Society: Bringing Together, Outcome Based Education (OBE) – Best Practices; Transformations in Teaching & Learning for Millennial Learners, Utilizing the Power of Technology in Engineering Education
18 global engineering educatorsgave TED Talks and led Panel Sessions on  Global Attributes; Doing and Reflecting on Design, Hands-on Curriculum, Working in Teams, ABET and Global Collaborations, Engineering Projects in Community Service, Teaching and Learning Centers, Ethics and Student Support.
The global experts were Dr. Hans Hoyer (GEDC, IFEES), Dr. Michael Milligan (ABET), Dr. Claire Komives (San Jose State University), Dr. Bill Oakes (Purdue University), Dr. J.P. Mohsen, (U of Louisville), Dr. Yacob Astatke (Morgan State University), Dr. Giovanna Scalone (U of Washington, Seattle), Dr. Victoria Dorman (Princeton University), Dr. Cynthia Atman (U of Washington, Seattle), Dr. Matthew Ohland (Purdue University), Dr. Scott Peters (U of Maryland), Dr. Bill Parnell (U of Washington), Dr. Lyle Feisel (SUNY Binghamton), Dr. Duane Abata (SD School of Mines and Technology), Dr. David Voltmer (Rose Hulman Institute of Technology), Dr. Sohum Sohoni (Arizona State University), and Dr. John Tharakan (Howard University)
6 Sponsor Workshops (National Instruments, Dassault Systemes, Mathworks, Quanser, Comsol, IonCudos) and 4 Academic Workshops (Hands on Teaching of Electronics, Doing and Teaching Design, Centers of Teaching and Learning, Working in Teams) were conducted for the participants.

Dr. N.V. Ratnalikar was felicitated by IUCEE
IUCEE felicitate founder of Engineering Education Foundation Dr. N.V. Ratnalikar at his home in Pune. Dr. Ratnalikar realized the importance of improving engineering education ecosystem in early eighties, and has been actively involved since then with creating a community of like-minded people for betterment of engineering education system in India. IUCEE team extends their warm wishes to Dr. Ratnalikar for his contribution to engineering education community!

ABET Seminar by Dr. Michael Milligan
40 participants interested in ABET accreditation attended a 3-hr workshop by Dr, Michael Milligan, CEO and Executive Director of ABET on July 15, 2018 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Second IUCEE Leadership Summit 2018
106 leaders of 40 IUCEE Consortium Institutions gathered for the Second IUCEE Leadership Summit from July 19-21, 2018, at Goa, to share their transformational stories with 18 global experts and 13 industry leaders. The objective of the Summit was to find ways for the IUCEE institutions to set up clusters of collaboration along the lines implemented successfully by the industrial sector. 
Sarita Nagpal, (Confederation of Indian Industries) talked about the Quality Movement in Industryusing Cluster Approach: 
Several industry leaders shared lessons from Industry for Quality Improvementin Engineering Education  by Industry Experts” V. Kovaichelvan and S.J. Dhinagar (TVS Motors), AG Karunakaran (Multicore)
Other industry leaders (part of the Global Industrial Advisory Forum (GIAF) of IUCEe gave short TED Talks on their perspective on Quality Improvement in Education: Sandeep Shroff (StartUP Culture), Ravi Salagame (Delphi Systems, Structured Process), Anil Pandit (GE, Interdisciplinary Approach), Madhu Atre  (Vegashakti, Decisive Leadership), Jayant Sathe (GIAF, Program Management), Vasant Marathe (Entrepreneurship), Sujatha Wadhwa (Affective Domain)
Leaders from two state agencies shared their experiences in assisting engineering colleges (the Telangana State Experience: Sujiv Nair (TASK) and the AP State Experience: Dr. T.  Lakshmi (APSSDC))
TED Talks were given on Global Transformations in Engineering Education (5 mins) by International Experts, Hans Hoyer (IFEES, Global Collaborations), Michael Milligan (ABET, OBE), Bill Oakes (Purdue U, EPICS), Lyle Feisel (ASEE, Ethics and Values), JP Mohsen (U of Louisville, Peer Evaluation), Scott Roberts (U of MD, Elements of Teaching and Learning ), Jenna Carpenter (Campbell U, 21st Century Engineering Graduates), Giovanna Scalone (U of Wash, Teaching Design), Bevlee Watford (V Tech, Student Support), Matt Ohland (Purdue, Team Building), Cindy Atman (U of Wash, Reflecting on Design), Yacob Astatke (Morgan St. U, Hands on Laboratories), Jim Borgford-Parnell (U of Wash, Centers for Teaching and Learning), David Voltmer (Rose Hulman IT, Laboratory Experiences), Duane Abata (SDSMT, Collaborating with US Universities), Victoria Dorman (Princeton U, EPICS),
Most of the two days was devoted to breakout working session for Sharing Transformations, Identify Successful Change Initiatives at Participating Institutions, Consolidating Transformations from all Colleges, Reporting from groups regarding Selected Change Initiatives; Action Plans of Institutions: New  Initiatives or Building on Existing Initiatives, Planning for WEEF 2019 at VIT Chennai, Planning Clusters of Collaboration across Institutions for Selected Change Initiatives and Planning IUCEE and CII Role in Facilitating Collaboration in Change Initiatives.

EPICS Annual Symposium at Hyderabad
97 faculty and administrators from 21 institutions who are already members of IUCEE-EPICS Consortium, 8 institutions who are members of the IEEE-EPICS MOU, and 16 institutions interested and many of them already engaged in EPICS-type programs, participated from all over India.
Day One focused on: Opportunities for IUCEE-EPICS in India (Purdue Model for EPICS and Ways to Start (Vision for IUCEE-EPICS Network in India); Professional preparation (Preparing students for global leadership); Human-Centered Design Process (Wallet Activity); Assessment to Promote Professional Preparation; Community Projects and Partnerships; and Discussions of how to start EPICS projects Case Studies (Purdue EPICS, Princeton EPICS, IUCEE-EPICS); 
Day Two focused on:Overview of the EPICS Consortium, IUCEE-EPICS and EPICS in IEEE; Posters of EPICS programs and community engagement activities; Assessing Student Work; Turning projects into products; Delivering products to the community; Managing and motivating student teams; Working with community partners; Breakouts by institution type, regions and/or affiliations; Curriculum discussions, and what common learning materials are needed across programs.
Day Three focused on:Networking by discipline, sharing best practices and project ideas; Building networks in India for greater impact; Common Curriculum Discussions, breakouts around different curriculum models, review and comment, determine common outcomes; Sharing Individual Institution Plans; EPICS and Next Steps: Funding opportunities, and Webinars, Meetings, Student Support.
The Symposium was organized by IUCEE and led by Prof. Bill Oakes of Purdue University.