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Transforming engineering education globally
  • IUCEE Consortium Colleges

    College Consortium, created in 2010, has increased to 71 members in 2013.
    Members receive special access to IUCEE programs as well as
    assistance in collaborations with US experts and colleges.
  • How to become an IUCEE College Consortium Member
  • IUCEE Information Brief PDF document
  • Membership Details and Sample Invoice for Annual Membership of IUCEE PDF document

  • IUCEE Research Academy

    The IUCEE Research Academy has the goal of providing mentoring and co-guides for faculty in Indian colleges, who are pursuing PhD. Two Research Academy workshops are planned in Spring 2013. One is for women faculty pursuing PhD in Computer Science to be held in Hyderabad and another for faculty of Gujarat Technical University at Ahmedabad. US faculty researchers will mentor the Indian faculty.

  • IUCEE - DST Research Academy for Women Faculty in Hyderabad
    PhD Candidates in Computer Science)
  • 12 IUCEE US Experts participate as Co-Guides for Engineering Doctoral Candidates at GTU Research Week in Ahmedabad

  • IUCEE Virtual Academy

    The IUCEE Virtual Academy uses on-line technology, for US experts to conduct live Webinars and MiniCourses to faculty and students all over India.152 one-hour webinars on teaching, research and general education topics have been conducted in 2011-12. 12 MiniCourses of 10 Webinars each have been piloted in Spring 2012. In 2013 Spring (Jan 15 to March 15, 2013), 14 MiniCourses have taken by 70 colleges.

  • Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLIs)

    Experts from the US travel to India to discuss global best practices in teaching and research in their field with Indian faculty from public & private colleges in one-week workshops at Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLI). During the past five years, 152 such workshops were conducted.

  • IUCEE Assisted International Conferences

    In January 2013, IUCEE assisted Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center, a Consortium College with its International Conference by arranging two US speakers in person and one via webinar

  • 2013 Industry Webinar Series

    (details under Webinars)

  • IUCEE Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) Chapter Planned

    Seven IUCEE Deans have already confirmed interest in starting this IUCEE-GEDC Chapter

  • Link
    Recordings of webinars as well as course materials are available on Lensoo e-platform ( which enables interactions with US experts.

  • Please email Sridhar Nori, ( IUCEE Portal Manager
    for any information on IUCEE

IUCEE news

IUCEE Newsletter June 2013
by Krishna Vedula - Saturday, 22 June 2013, 06:41 PM
April and May have been time to catch up on assessments and evaluations and planning for the new academic year. More information on these will be provided soon. Several Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLIs) are in progress and confirmed for 2013. Details are available under "2013 FLIs Confirmed"
IUCEE March 2013 Newsletter
by Krishna Vedula - Monday, 18 March 2013, 02:28 AM
We now have 77 members of the IUCEE College Consortium. We are at the end of the 2013 Spring Virtual Academy Semester (Jan 15 to March 15) with 14 MiniCourses and 70 college subscription. Lensoo e-platform is being effectively used for the recordings of these Courses. The IUCEE Industry Webinar series has been launched in February 2013. The IUCEE-DST Research Academy has 4 US experts guiding 32 women faculty pursuing PhD in Computer Science in Hyderabad (March 18-20). In addition 12 US experts are attending GTU Research Week and Co-Guiding doctoral candidates of Gujarat Technical University at Ahmedabad, also during the week of March 18.

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