Results 2010

Limited funding for 2010 FLI was received from Desh and Jaishree Deshpande (via Deshpande Foundation) and from Arjun Malhotra of PanIIT and Headstrong. Some funds saved from 2009 FLI were also available. Industry Partners for conducting 2010 FLI were Mathworks, National Instruments, Autodesk and Infosys Technologies.

2010 FLI built on the success of the 2008 FLI and 2009 FLI. The critical improvement was that 2010 FLI was in a regional and semi-sustainable format. The workshops were hosted by IUCEE Consortium of 22 Colleges. 37 workshops were conducted at 25 locations all over India by 28 US experts and 4 industry experts. Host colleges contributed about half the costs of conducting the workshops at their locations. More than 1000 Indian faculty from all over India participated. Host colleges reserved seats at their workshop for participants from other consortium college. IUCEE Resource Persons from 2008 FLI and 2009 FLI facilitated the workshops in the areas of effective teaching and curriculum relevant to India. Workshop topics included Effective Teaching (1), Core Subjects (27) and Technology Tools (9).

Sessions were videotaped and will be made available at cost to participants.

Anticipate that 50 regional workshops will be conducted by faculty who attended 2010 FLI.

Estimate 2,000 additional faculty and 100,000 additional students to be impacted

A US Expert Panel has been created including most of the 60 US professors experts who have conducted workshops to more than 2,000 Indian engineering faculty at Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLIs).

Significant outcomes have been demonstrated at over 100 colleges all over India. Networks created between faculty from over 100 Indian colleges and 30 US colleges. Many other US and Indian colleges and faculty have show interest. Other countries such as Brazil have shown interest in modeling after IUCEE with assistance of IFEES (International Federation for Engineering Education Societies).

The IUCEE web-portal,, has been launched in order to facilitate for interactions among US and Indian faculty, students and global community


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