Results 2007

150 leaders of engineering education got together to formulate an Action Plan for IUCEE. This was in the form of two workshops. One was held on xxx in at the Global Education Center of Infosys Technologies in Mysore on June 3 -5, 2007 and the other was held at the National Academy of Engineering, in Washington DC on 29-31, August 2007.

Support was provided by funding from Deshpande Foundation, Indo US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), Hewlett Packard, Dassault Systemes, National Instruments, UGS, Microsoft and Agilent Technologies. Workshop at Mysore was hosted by Infosys Technologies.

Based on the recommendations from the two Forums, IUCEE plans to create regional Indo-US Engineering Faculty Institutes with the goal of improving the preparedness of the large number of faculty in engineering colleges in India and in the US to address the needs of the global economy. The objectives of these Institutes will be to: 1) mentor faculty to exercise leadership in providing high quality engineering education relevant to local and global needs, based on the latest research on engineering education; 2) foster research collaborations among faculty in technologies that could make a dramatic impact on sustainability of economies across the globe; 3) encourage more engineering graduates to pursue Ph.D. programs and provide leadership in teaching careers; 4) assist faculty in revolutionizing the delivery of technical knowledge by taking advantage of the latest technologies; and 5) assist faculty to foster creativity and entrepreneurship among faculty and students.

The broader objectives of IUCEE will be achieved by the collaborative networks and communities of practice formed via innovative courses offered to faculty at the proposed Indo-US Engineering Faculty Institutes. The categories in which course modules will be developed are: Frontiers of Engineering Research; Innovations in Teaching Engineering Fundamentals; Innovations in Teaching Engineering Practice; Leadership in Engineering Education.


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