2011 Schedule

Build Sustainable Program with support from 2011 Consortium Colleges:

General Benefits for Consortium College Members:

  • College publicized on IUCEE portal
  • Regular phone reviews with an Executive Director
  • Preferred access to US Member Institutions
  • Personal notices of all IUCEE activities, conferences and seminars
  • Discount on IUCEE materials including videotapes and E-Learning Kits
  • Access to Special Programs such as Microsoft Innovation Alliance, NPTEL Workshops and Global Student Programs
  • Special access to workshops for Technology Tools (Matlab, Labview, etc)

Special Services for Consortium College Members

  • Faculty Qualification Upgradation:
    1. Assist Member Institution in hosting US experts to conduct short workshops for faculty (Faculty Leadership Institute, FLI); Member Institution pays all costs and tries to recoup its investment through fees, advertising, and donations. Host college is free to decide on model for enlisting participants. Specially tailored workshops for durations of several weeks are also possible.
    2. Assist Member Institution in recruiting US faculty as Research Co-Guides for their faculty pursuing PhDs. More than 40 opportunities are already available; many others are interested. Fee for service to be decided.
    3. Coordinate opportunities for US faculty or Indian faculty from Member Institution to spend a semester or more at other′s college, collaborating in research and teaching.

  • Hosting International Conferences or Seminars:

  • Provide advice and contacts in the US for this purpose; Member Institution to pay all costs and try and recoup its investment through registration fees, advertising, and donations. Details to be worked.

  • Improve Academic Curriculum:

  • Assist in starting new Post Graduates programmes at Member Institutions; Cost and other details to be worked out with US faculty.

  • Improve Academic Infrastructure:

  • Assist in setting up special laboratories for improving teaching and learning, such as the Assistive Technology Laboratory (ATL) and Robotics Laboratory; Member Institution will work out the details with US faculty or institution and pay for all costs. Model for ATL laboratory is already established.

  • Articulate Twinning Programs:

  • Assist in identifying potential US colleges interested in twinning programs (such as 2+2 BS and 1+1 MS degree programs) with Member Institutions and aid in comparing curricula of respective institutions. Model articulation agreements between Indian and US institutions are already available.

  • Short Courses for Students:

  • Assist Member Institutions in hosting US experts to conduct short courses for students. Member Institutions pay all associated costs (faculty honorarium, travel and accommodation) and try recoup its investment through fees, etc. Possibility of students receiving academic credit from US ins

  • Strategic Planning and Board Membership:

  • Assist Member Institutions with creating Plans for enhancing quality of academics, including suggesting specific US experts and experts from other Member Institutions for potential Board membership.

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