The world needs good quality engineering talent in order to find solutions to the global challenges facing humanity such as energy, environment, health and communications. A partnership between the world’s largest democracy (India) and the world’s most advanced democracy (US) has amazing potential in this regard.

The information technology revolution and the liberalization of economies around the world have led to globalization of the human resource pool for technology. US and India are at the leading edge of this change. Research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly carried out via cross-border initiatives involving both the academic and business communities. The need to innovate new technologies in collaboration with the users of the technologies has changed the workforce needs of the business world, while the aptitudes and talents of the future workforce have changed radically as a consequence of easy access to digital and communications technologies. Although engineering educational institutions in US and India are responding to these changes, many of them are inhibited by traditional approaches to teaching and research.

Engineering education needs to pay more attention to the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and the ability of its graduates to function in a constantly changing global environment. The future of the US technical workforce is further challenged by the lack of interest and preparation among its youth for science and engineering careers. At the same time, India has an enormous amount of talented youth, with strong math and science skills and interested in engineering careers, to address these needs. However, rapid expansion of engineering educational institutions in India in recent years (from roughly 50,000 engineering seats per year in 1990 to almost 800,000 annual intake of engineering students in 2007 and increasing) has created serious problems of maintaining quality engineering education and research to sustain and fuel economic growth in India itself.

The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) was founded in order to address this need. Lessons learnt from a partnership between engineering educators in US and in India can be adapted to other countries as well.


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