Faculty Leadership Institutes

The basic approach of the IUCEE effort is to conduct summer Faculty Leadership Institutes (FLIs) for engineering faculty in India. These are typically one-week workshops in the "Facilitate the Trainer" model conducted by renowned US faculty experts. The unique features of the "Facilitate the Trainer" model are:

  1. Exposure of global practices by the involvement of renowned global experts in various disciplines initially from the US for assisting Indian experts in the improvement of the course content and delivery;
  2. Facilitating the dissemination of these best practices by Indian experts via regional workshops to faculty drawn from second and third tier colleges;
  3. Emphasizing follow up and assessment of the outcomes of these workshops on the learning by students;
  4. Continuously engaging employers in defining the content and deployment of the course materials;
  5. Intelligent use of educational technologies tools in order to scale and improve faculty productivity;
  6. Establishing a framework for developing educational leadership.

Networks are created between US and Indian faculty and colleges of engineering via the summer institutes and follow up activities. These networks assist in developing specific long term collaborations in: Research & Development; Curriculum & Technology Enhanced Delivery; Innovation & Entrepreneurship as well as Quality & Accreditation Processes Scalability and sustainability is emphasized from the beginning. Initial emphasis is in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and related fields. Topics from other areas of engineering such as Mechanical, Chemical and Civil are being gradually introduced.

The goal of the program is to reach all the ~2,000 engineering colleges, ~100,000 engineering faculty and the ~ 800,000 engineering students and make the students more employable in the relevant industry and more relevant to the needs of society.


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