2011 IFEES/IUCEE Global webinars

Schedule for "2011 IFEES/IUCEE Global webinars"

# Presenter Institution Topic Dates
1 Amit K. Roy Chowdhury Video Computing Group, EE Dept, UC Riverside Analysis of Human Behavior in Video by Computing Sept 8
2 Lou Manzione Dean, University of Hartford Digital Health: Engineering Research to Support Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare Sept 13
3 Srinivas Palanki University of S. Alabama Energy Sources of Future Sept 15
4 Sachin Sapatnekar ECE, University of Minnesota CAD of VLSI Systems Sept 20
5 Tribikram Kundu CEEM, University of Arizona Structural Health Monitoring Sept 22
6 Surya Mallapragada Ch and Bio E, Iowa State University Tissue Engineering Sept 26
7 Veena kumar English, Rutgers University Effective Course Delivery Sept 29
8 Siva Krishnan Chrysler Active Learning in Engineering Oct 5
9 Sartaj Sahni CS, University of Florida Green Computing Oct 6
10 Beena Sukumaran CE, Rowan University Engineering Innovators without Borders Oct 11
11 Paul Debevec Graphics Research, USC Graphics and Digital Actors Oct 13
12 Vikram Jandhyala EE, University of Washington Scalable Cloud Based Engineering Computation Oct 18
13 S.K. Ramesh Dean, CSU Northridge Optical Engineering and Fiber Optic Communications Oct 20
14 Krishna Narayanan ECE, Texas A & M Channel Coding Oct 25
15 Robert Creese W Virginia University An Introduction to Geometric Programming for Design and Cost Optimization Oct 27
16 Fokion Egolfopoulos Aeor and ME, USC Combustion Science and its Relevance to Energy Needs of 21st Century Nov 1
17 Dipankar Dasgupta University of Memphis Intelligent Security Systems Nov 3
18 Jack Rutherford The ABET Accreditation Process Nov 8
19 Ratneshwar Jha Clarkson University Adaptive Control of Smart Structures Nov 10
20 Yusuf Mehta CE, Rowan University Superpave Technology Aug 15
21 Thottam Kalkur ECE, University of Colorado CS Microelectronic Circuit Design Nov 17
22 Vinod K Lohani Eng Ed, Virginia Tech, VA Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Enhance Engineering Education Nov 22
23 Pradip Srimani Clemson University Parallel and Distributed Computing Nov 29
24 Santhosh Seelan Dept of Space Studies, University of N. Dakota Remote Sensing for Precision Farming Dec 1
25 Mohammad Noori Cal Poly Grand Challenges Dec 6
26 S. Rajaram Alcatel-Lucent Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment Dec 8
27 Rama K. Yedavalli Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University Control Systems Design Dec 13
28 P. Vasudevan University of NH Energy-the Not-So Bottomless Oil Well and the Alternatives Dec 15
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